She is a diamond,you can;t break her !
|   Oct 19, 2016
She is a diamond,you can;t break her !

Recently, my sister is blessed with baby boy. The day I got to know about her pregnancy, both of us started living the journey of shopping stuff for baby to holding him or her in our arms. After some time when everything was settled down after the birth of baby my sister’s in laws decided to organize a function for name ceremony of the baby.

And one day my sister texted me to design an invitation card for the name ceremony of the baby so that she can send the invitation to people for the party. And after the designing thing I asked her for the content to write on and she sent me the whole matter, while reading the whole matter I found she mentioned her husband’s name and mother in law’s name to write on the R.S.V.P section.

I really felt bad about to not mentioning her name on the card so I asked her why your name can’t be mentioned in this card so she said it’s not important. After listening her answer a tear rolled down from my eyes and my mind started playing the flashback of her journey of first month of pregnancy to giving birth to a healthy baby.

I still remember the day she got to know about her pregnancy she use to just talk about her baby like any mother use to do. I realized during her pregnancy there were certainly mood swings that came along with being pregnant. Sometimes she use to pretend she is very happy and on the other hand she felt very sad. I have seen her all mood swings during her pregnancy. I have seen her compromising her stuff to get a best thing for baby.

As she is independent women, she use to work till her 8th month of pregnancy and along with this she had taken full responsibility of household as well. During her pregnancy she witnessed the most heartbreaks and felt homesickness. Whenever we use to go for shopping she kept herself busy in shopping for the needs of baby and when I use to say her take something for you as well, every time her reply was its not important.

And after listening her reply I always ask WHY? Why it’s not important to keep yours things as priority? Why it’s not important to feel something for yourself? She answered “You’ll get to know when you will become a mom”. Some of her reply make me silent but deep down my heart always craved for the answers because before being someone’s wife or mother she is my sister.

During her pregnancy everyone in her family use to yell at her to not be rude, control her anger, to show love people around her. Just because she was carrying their dynasty in her womb. Her mood swings will affect her baby but do anyone realized why she is rude sometime? Did someone took courtesy to know the reason behind her mood swings? No! May be no one did that but what all of them did perfectly for blaming her for the mood swings.

May be this is not the story of only my sister. May be this is the story of every women who didn’t speak out just because of their family.


Why every women had taken herself for granted?

Why her name is not important?

Why only she has to sacrifice all things?

Why we women are not important after giving birth to baby?

Why for everything women got blamed?

People easily blame women for the separation of mother and son after marriage but for them separation of her and her family is ritual. Why every time women has to suffer?

Just because she is a women? But being a women, we have an ability to give birth to a new life even though we didn’t get that respect in our life.




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