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Aalya is married for 10 long years,she is 30…means she got married when she was 20. She also have a pretty daughter who’s 8 year old and a loving husband.As in all marriages, this one also had lots of up and down,,but they managed it well.

Aalya is a good looking woman,,so she always struggled dealing male bosses at jobs..but no one touches her her husband was enough for her..(She says)

2016 was at end(November)…one friend request on face book..Nice name, attractive looks…she deleted thinking that it is a fake account. (Usually she don’t except request from strangers).After few days,,she received a msg from the same guy..Don’t know,,what exactly got in her that she replied..but she was rude talking to him..But after few sharing thoughts ,,aalya got very comfortable with  that guy..Days passes ,,,they became gud friends..

she almost shared all her life with him,,,even those scars of her life which not even she noticed.

Aditya  – I think “I love u aalya”

Aalya – “I love you adi” 

was that expected to be happening thr,,or  was it right????par ye sab kab aur kaise ho gaya.. usne kabhi use dekha nahi,,siwaye pics ke………..kabhi suna nahi,,as he gave her a story that due to some legal issues he is not suppose to make or receive ISD calls.but still the love story begans::::

They really loved each other,,it was pure..sab kuch jaise bahut hi ruhani ho gaya tha aalya ki jindagi main.

uski wo baccho jaisi hasi use jaise kisi(aditya) ne kuch is tarah wapas la kar di thi jaise kisi ne sukhe phool ko wapas kheea dia ho. every thing was so romantic full of love,life and haan sab kuch behad filmy sa par behad khubsurat tha..

par khuda ko kahan raas aati aalya hi muskurahat......................

one  morning aalya’s husband received a msg on his fb wall,, stating that “aditya and Aryan dewan is a fake account,,ask ur wife to be care full”Her husband asked her about those account,, she excepted that aditya is there in her friend list but she has no idea who is this Aryan dewan.

Aalya was almost shaken by this.. but she is a strong woman,,so first she searched for Aryan her surprise..same pics was used in this account.

She called Aryan – hi 

Aryan – who’s this???

Aalya – who are you??? are you aditya???

Aryan – I am f....... a. m...i . You can search for me on google. That guy aditya is a fraud.

Aalya – U r not more then a fraud..his account is older then your’s.

Aryan – wow! Tum such main bewkoof ho yaa..drama kar rahi ho??? have u ever met him???

Aalya – noo

Aryan – U ever made a video call to him???

Aalya – noooo

Aryan – babes ,,, ek baar dil se nahi dimag se sochna..usne tumhe cheat kia..ya tumne khud ko??

 Aalya – see boy ! i don’t know,,who is who??? but i know one thing for sure…that we loved each other…and it is love,,,,,pure love disconnected……………………………………………

Aalya was almost in tear,,but she cried,,she cried alot.

jitna wo muskurayi nahi thi us se kahi jyada wo royii..

she gave her lots of hope of aditya being real one. And his love was for real…she said many time to her self …Aditya hai,, wo hai..such main hai..usne kaha tha ki wo kuch batana chahta hai..he will call me,,,use to ye bhi nahi pata ki main jyada waqt ke liye nahi hu. he need to know that i will not be there if he will take long to come back

so people…here the story has one more bitter truth…Aalya has been diagnosed with lung cancer…its is important for him(aditya) to know….Par aditya ka koi bhi msg nahi aaya..she was worried she called his office,, but they said thr is no one in such name..But yet her hopes were alive..Aryan called her again to tell about two other women that he had cheated,,,rani and riya (name changed)..There was no news of aditya…aalya was almost going crazy about him being fine.She contacted both women and got to know the same talks promises was done to them also or even more then that,,par naa jaane kyon aalya ko kisi par yakeen nahi tha siwaye adi ke pyaar ke

..Abhi bhi intezaar kar rahi hai wo pagal ladki..use aaj bhi lagta hai ki wo uska sucha pyaar tha..Par asal main,,,she loved whom??????,, was that aditya(a fake name)..or that man behind it or that superstar(who’s pics has been used ).. aryan dewan who tried proving himself a celebrity is also a fake one… 

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