Mom...Therefore I AM Super Mom!
|   May 17, 2016
Mom...Therefore I AM Super Mom!

We're all trying to be Super Moms. But in our hurry to get there we often forget one simple fact: That we became Super Moms the day we found out we were going to have a baby! It's so easy these days to get lost in the ocean of being a perfect mom and question your ability on some of the choices you make for your little one. I often asked my mom how she knew what choice to make (when the Internet never existed and her own mom was a million miles away). She always said that her instincts guided her to make choices and she did absolutely awesome raising two kids. I always like to relate my thinking with stories of my adorable Baby A. He suddenly got very clingy a couple of months back. This was at home (the most unlikely place where he should even worry) and the incidents were mostly in the kitchen. He would cry and hold on to me and It was so difficult to finish whatever I started. So, off I went to check what I could do to remedy the situation. Advice ranged from ignoring the baby to distracting him to talk very firmly to him (imagine). I tried it all and then I was exhausted. I felt like I was the worst mom ever. Like I had no idea on how to deal with my baby. Pop went my Super Mom bubble. So, the next day when he cried. I turned to him, washed my hands and carried him. Kissed him and hugged him and told him I would take a break with him. After all.. whatever I was doing could wait. And even if my Baby A thinks its something he can 'get away' with, I'm okay with it. But I'll continue doing it and hopeful teach him that while I can take a break, I will still have to get back to competing my chores. It's a tough lesson to teach but I'm going with my instinct and the perfectly happy smile on my Baby A's face when I hug him tight. Don't ever forget- U R Super Mom! #EverydayIsMothersDay #Contest 

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