Happily ever After…..
|   May 15, 2016
Happily ever After…..

He smiled and blew her a kiss, as she dressed for the dinner tonight. Married fifty years, he was still madly in love with her. He remembered the day he had first seen her. He had been completely smitten by her, bewitched by her beauty. Although the years had wrinkled her skin, yet she was just as stunning, still breathtakingly beautiful! Today was their fiftieth anniversary and their only daughter was coming over with her family. They had spent the whole day talking,chatting,looking at old albums, remembering the years gone by and the memories they had made along the way, some good, some bad, some beautiful, some funny, but all very precious.

They sat cuddled together on their bed looking through the pictures. They smiled, laughed, cried, and giggled looking at the old memories .She had looked resplendent as a young bride in her beautiful red sari, as she walked slowly towards him, her eyes looking down, shy, happy and beautiful. His heart had almost skipped a beat. They smiled, looked into each other’s eyes and kissed looking at the old wedding picture. She giggled as she fished out a picture of their honeymoon. She had worn his t-shirt and jeans as they strolled the mall road in Shimla, hand in hand, oblivious of the world around them. They both loved to travel, to see the world, to meet new people, to eat different foods, to wander aimlessly, they loved life. They had traveled the world together. It was their passion, their love. He smiled as he showed her a picture where he had lifted her up in his arms in front of the Eiffel tower. She had screamed and laughed hysterically at the same time. They had spent the whole day sitting and just looking at this towering piece of beauty. They had almost felt blinded by the blaring and blinking lights, when they had stepped into a dance club for the first time in NewYork.She had worn a short dress for the first time in her life. They had danced through the night. They laughed as they took out a picture which had been secretly tucked away behind another picture in the album. She was wearing a short dress and he had been wearing the famous bell bottomed pants as they stood leaning against a wall outside the pub, completely drunk. Their parents had known nothing about this adventure. They laughed as they shared this secret once again between them.

She remembered the day their daughter was born. What pain she had endured! He had raced relentlessly in the corridor for the four hours she was in the labour room. He could still feel the soft, touch of raw skin on his palms, when he had first held Tara in his arms. The smell of his new-born daughter was still fresh in his memory. He fell in love with Tara the moment he saw her. She had felt a strange sense of jealousy for her own daughter as she suddenly snatched away all his attention!

They experienced joys they had never known before, when they saw Tara grow in front of their eyes.

She would dress up in her mother’s saris and play her mother, cooking fictitious meals on her toy stove. He would play her husband and relish the plastic cookies she served him. He would look forward to coming back home from work to play his part in her game, he loved to come back to his wife, his beautiful family. He had come rushing home when Tara had fractured her arm falling off the swing in the park. He had sat all night while Tara slept peacefully in his lap.

How incredibly proud they had felt, when she had gone to the school for the first time, when she graduated from her college, when she got her first job. Tara grew up to be a stunningly beautiful woman just like her mother. She had looked absolutely gorgeous wearing her mother’s wedding sari on her own wedding. They felt great joy and longing for their daughter as they  looked at Tara and Aditya’s wedding pictures. They wanted to see her, to love her and she was coming home tonight with Aditya and the boys for her parent’s anniversary.

She had cooked Tara’s favourite dishes and baked the family favourite, apple pie, sitting on a high chair unable to stand. They sat hand in hand at the dinner table as they saw Tara enjoy her mother’s food. They smiled when they saw Aditya holding Tara’s hand while they ate. They laughed when the younger boy danced to the new hit song playing on the TV in the living room and they listened intently when the older one excitedly narrated how his team had won the inter school cricket match because of his champion strokes.

Life had been nothing short of an adventure and they had relished every minute of the ride. They looked into each other’s eyes feeling lucky, happy, gratified, at peace. They felt complete. The kids jumped with joy seeing their farewell gifts, a remote operated monster truck for the younger one and a new cricket bat for the older one. Tara hugged and kissed her mother as she prepared to leave. He kissed Tara on her forehead as she bid them goodbye. They had tears in their eyes as they saw their daughter go back into her own life, her own world.

Closing the door, he wheeled her chair into the bedroom. She had been exhausted with all the activity today. He lifted her with difficulty but with lots of love and put her on the bed. That night she kissed him passionately as he made love to her. She still was the most beautiful women he had ever known. She smiled when he passed her the glass of water to swallow the pill after he had taken his. They closed their eyes and lay peacefully in their bed, in each other’s embrace never to get up again.

She had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was discovered at a very late stage and the doctors were not very hopeful. The last one year of chemotherapy had drained her. She had lost her appetite, her hair, her energy. she had lost herself. The treatment had made her even sicker than the disease itself. It killed him to see her suffering like this. He could not bear to see her lose her smile, her laugh, her zeal for life. The constant fear of losing her had pushed him into despair too.

. In their desperate efforts to prolong life, they had unconsciously stopped living! They had lived life on their own terms and they were both extremely proud of the beautiful experiences that life had given them. They could lose everything but could not afford to lose their love for life, they could not bear to lose themselves. They finally decided to get their life back once again. They wanted to die being themselves, happy, satisfied and in love. That night they decided to win back their life to write their own happily ever after……………………………………

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