11 confessions of a second time mom
|   Jun 17, 2016
11 confessions of a second time mom

Being a mom brings lots of changes in your life. You learn to do many things, you learn to multitask. You laugh with your baby, you cry when he falls ill, you feel elated when he put his 1st step. Motherhood makes you o the things which you didnt even know you could do. If being a mom for the first time is like a swing in the park then having two kids is like a roller coaster ride where you dont know where you are going, how you are moving, up or down, all you know is that you are moving. 

I have two adorable kids, loved them both to hilt and riding a roller coater ride. Last year in January, God blessed me with my second child, my princess. Since then, I am having time of my life. In this journey of being a second time mom, I've few confessions to make. Here goes my list. 

1.Did you just ask the age of my second child? Wait, let me count! I knew age of my first born, son, in days, months but after my daughter is born I could hardly keep track of day and night, forget about her exact age. I think she completed 16 months.. No no 17 months. 

2.She ate something of the floor. Dont look at me like that! I am not going to freak out as I am secretly ok with it till that thing is edible. 

3.I am not flooding my hdd and my Fb account with her pics. Oh! I dont even have her baby book. Let me just order it online and I will fill it whenever I'll get time. 

4.I no more put all my effort to make younger one look like a model all the time. She is wearing clean clothes that will suffice! 

5.I dont stay awake watching her sleep and check every 5 minutes if she is breathing as I used to do after my elder one was born. I hit my bed as soon as possible after she sleeps. 

6.No more adamant about a particular brand of diapers and wipes. Any diapers will do as long as they are on sale! 

7.Making baby food at home. Not all the time! She loves to eat food from her brother's plate. 

8.Checking milestones, getting worried if babies her age are sitting and she is still happy rolling on the bed. That is a thing of past. 

9.Not taking feeder bottle. Thats completely ok with me. I put in lots of efforts for my son to get used to feeder bottle but when my daughter denied it, I was like no problem honey, we can move straight to bowl and spoon then sipper. 

10.I no longer indulge in toy shopping as I used to when my elder one was born. My younger one is so happy playing with the toys of her brother. Infact, she always wants the one which is in the hands of her bother! 

11.Lastly, I feel as much relaxed with one baby as I might feel sitting on a beach sipping my favourite cocktail. 

I dont know how many of you could relate to that but these are my heartfelt confessions being a second time mom. If any one of you want to add anything about your experiences, I would love that. 

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