12 must haves for every woman
12 must haves for every woman

Being a woman in todays world is not easy. When you are growing up, people expect you to excel at studies and at the same time learn all the cooking and household work. When you start working, they expect you to reach professional heights; at the same time they want you get married and leave your job to move to another city. We leave the comforts of our home to adapt all the customs and ways of a new family. We almost die due to pain of childbirth. I doubt if a man could do this and still be happy.

Among all this, here is list of few must have for each woman which will help her in the path of life.

1. Education.

 Woman should have a good education to back her in every hour of life. Many of us leave our job post motherhood and wonder if our education is getting wasted. No, education and knowledge never ever gets wasted.

2. Something perfect to wear if man of her dreams invites her for dinner date on a short notice.

3. She should have youth so fulfilling that she has no regret leaving it behind and ages gracefully. She should have the stories to tell when her grandchildren ask her how she has lived her life.

4. Every woman should know how to change a bulb,have a set of screwdrivers to fix that loose screw along with some good lacy lingerie.

5. She should know the recipe of that one dish which can make her party a hit and guests flattered.

6. Every woman should have the ability to fall in love without losing herself. They say when you fall in love,you lose yourself. Don’t do that. Don’t forget your friends,parents, your interests and hobbies. These are the things which define you.

7. She should have the ability to quit her job to pursue her dreams; of she feels uncomfortable or simply because she wants to.

8. Woman should be able to take a stand and walk away from a bad relationship.

9. She should know that she cannot change her body type,her parents and siblings and her past. However it may be, its hers and she should accept it with grace.

10. She should have some friends who accept her the way she is, who lets her cry and make her laugh.

11. Every woman should know till when she should try to amend a rough relationship without hampering her self esteem. She should be able to confront anyone without spoiling that relations.

12. She should know what works for her when she is broken from inside, which corner of her home or which person in her life gives her much needed solace.

These are just few points which I think makes a woman independent and strong willed. Please feel free to add the points which you think you have and I haven’t added them. The qualities which can make you or any other woman more independent and strong, mention them in the comments.

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