Legacy of birthmark
|   Sep 12, 2016
Legacy of birthmark

Geeta looked at her 11 day old son who was sleeping like a drunkard after taking feed in her arms. Her eyes moved to the birthmark on the lower right cheek which runs till the neck. Her thoughts drifted to her childhood days. She had the same birthmark and some kids used to tease her for that. First time it happened when she was in grade 2 and she had complained to her teacher but couldn’t understand why that girl was teasing her. Then, she used to listen to her parents discussing her birthmark with their relatives. They were thinking to go for plastic surgery when she grows up. It was as if that mark was making her ugly, unfit in the society who want beautiful people around.

Somehow it never bothered her much. She was not pretty like her mom and sometimes during growing up years she used to think that she might not be her daughter. Her mom was flawlessly beautiful but instead of inheriting her genes she turned out to be a cocktail of her mom and dad. She had slightly bigger teeth, a crooked nose, an out of the place birthmark. As if it was not enough, acnes striked when she turned 14. Whenever she looked in the mirror, she could see all the reasons to not to look again. 

Despite all these physical flaws, she was full of life. Although an introvert, she had some amazing friends. They were not so beautiful but never discussed physical appearances of other people or theirs. A set of four friends who sat, ate and studied together in school. They were the only people because of whom she would go to school. After her board exams of 10th, her parents took her to a big hospital and she underwent plastic surgery for her birthmark. A single surgery was not sufficient, one more was required. With 1st one, mark faded a bit but didn’t vanish. When she returned to school , few seniors came to her class, looking for her. They asked to see her birthmark post surgery. This happened many times. At home, at school people used to see her mark and started commenting how her mark is reduced but not gone, what’s the use of surgery etc. Geeta was getting fed up with all this. She started feeling like a piece in museum which people will evaluate and comment. Then, she decided to live with the mark and not to go for second surgery. 

Her mom tried pacifying her but to no avail. Geeta stood her ground. Her parents were worried about her marriage. With the mark her chances to get a better boy and family were less. But nothing could change her decision.

Soon her college started and she moved to another city and started living in hostel. There also she got a perfect set of friends who were imperfect in their own ways. Some were small, some were fat but they were all happy with each other. Not even once, any one pointed towards her birthmark and she started feeling more comfortable in her own skin. The girl who never talked to boys in school was confident talking to them now. By the end of college, one of her classmate proposed her. Geeta was surprised but felt good because at last she had found some one who saw the girl within her, who saw her soul instead of her physical appearance, who saw beauty in her birthmark too. His love made geeta feel beautiful. She was more confident now as if his love was giving her power and energy. 

They got married after few hurdles from both the families. After two years of married life, they were blessed with a lovely baby boy. Her baby had inherited her  birthmark. Geeta felt as if destiny was playing some game with her. But still her joy knew no bounds. Everyone was happy and today was the namkaran ceremony of their little boy. Her mother’s colleagues came to bless the baby and to congratulate her. On seeing her little baby, one of them said to her mother, “What you'll do now? Will you go for plastic surgery again for her baby”? 

Listening it everyone laughed as if it was a joke. The trauma it had caused geeta throughout her growing up years nobody knew and they were sitting there joking about it. One of Geeta's aunt said, “Don’t worry. It’s a boy. It won’t matter much. A girl should be beautiful. If a boy is brainy and earning good it won’t matter to anyone”. These words were meant to console geeta but instead they infuriated her. She kept her mum during the function. Now, when every one has gone she was left with her thoughts. A look at her sleeping angel and she decided that no matter what, she'll never let anyone's remark or thoughts hamper her child's growth and confidence. The confidence which she found at the age of 21, she'll give that to her baby from starting. She'll tell him that he is the most beautiful child. She'll make him accept and love himself the way he is. After all, world around you loves you only when you love yourself. Pretty is just an accident of nature, elegance and grace is a work of art. Today, Geeta is an epitome of elegance and grace and she has vowed to make her son to be one true gentleman. She is not only passing the legacy of birthmark but the legacy of confidence and love. 

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