My son was a late speaker
|   Mar 01, 2017
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My son was a late speaker

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We, human beings are very competitive. We compete at every level of life. This competitive spirit comes naturally I suppose. But we, mothers take it a step further. What made me realise it is the recent conversation at my workplace. During lunch break I was sitting with my friends and having a casual talk. It’s when our topic shifted to our kids. Kids are the favourite topic of all mothers across the globe. You just have to say, ‘kid or baby’ and I bet an endless conversation will follow. So, we started talking about the birth weight of my children and I was beaming with pride at the end of conversation because both of my kids were born heavier than the rest. The competitive mom in me didn’t even let birth weight of my kids lay at peace. My 5 year old son and  2 years old daughter were around 4 kgs at the time of their birth and were chubby till their 1st birthday. But, your duties doesn’t end at giving birth to a healthy child. Real battle starts after that. We need to ensure that our baby is having proper mental and physical growth.

My son was a late speaker. I googled and it said that by the age of 2, a child should have the vocabulary of around 50 words. My son choose to be a man of few words. He in total had only 20 words in his vocab. This gave me many panic attacks. There were so many people around with so many advices. Some advised to visit particular temple; others advised to feed him the food eaten by the crow and so on. Deep in my heart I knew he would take his own sweet time before he starts speaking full sentences and takes me on his questions ride.

I knew what I had to do. I started taking him to the park regularly where he would meet people of his age and temperament. To my surprise he made friends on 1st day. He used to run after the ball along with kids of his age, would play on swings and slide. Toddlers interacting in their own language is a sight to see. It’s so much fun. When he was around 27 months I put him in a play school. Initially it was tough for him and for me also but after a week he was happy and comfortable in his school. He made new friends, was fond of his teacher. He was dancing, colouring and singing with his new friends.

At home, I continued to talk to him in slow and clear words. Along with all this, the nutrition he was getting played an important role in his social development. A brain develops fully by the age of 6 years so these initial formative years acts like the foundation of their future life. It is said that it is difficult for body to produce sufficient DHA on its own. I gave him a healthy meal with 2 cups of milk mixed with DHA enriched Enfagrow A+. It is assisting my kids to achieve their physical and mental growth milestones.

With all the efforts being put in making my son more social and more vocal , came a day when while doing window shopping in the mall I heard a small child singing “jinda hai toh, pyala poora bhar de”. I turned around and saw my little ‘Milkha Singh’ running with another toddler and singing in his full volume. I was amazed to see my boy who was so lazy in speaking full sentences, singing the song to his best. I held my tiny Milkha Singh and hugged him. My worries about him not speaking much or being late in speaking were laid to rest.

I knew I am on the right track. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Kids are growing fast; each day is filled with fun and surprises. They are socialising more and love to make friends. I wonder how these little creatures make friends so soon. They just meet other children, evaluate them and in matter of few minutes you will find them running in circles or playing in mud.

For proper social development, good motor skills and communication nutrients and micro nutrients play an important role. With Enfagrow A+ sitting on my kitchen shelf I can sleep peacefully in the night without worrying much about the growth of my children. It is helping me to be stress free and truly enjoy the childhood of my babies.

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