Names that were etched together!
|   Feb 03, 2017
Names that were etched together!

It was a normal sunny morning of February. Winters were giving way to summers. The sun was shining at its best but clouds were covering it now and then. It was as if sun was in mood to play hide and seek. Saanvi, sitting in her class was looking at the shapes of clouds. The way they change their shapes while moving slowly in the sky always fascinated her. She wondered if her dad could see her from behind the clouds. Just then the sound ‘Good Morning Mam’ disrupted her thoughts and she saw her teacher entering in the class. While writing the date on her notebook she realised that today its been two months to that fateful day. She shredded with the memories of that day. The routine of the day picked up and during break she found herself fiddling and scribbling with the chalk. With the sound of bell ringing she put the chalk inside her bag.Saanvi, 11 year old is studying in class 6 in one of the best schools of the town. She has lost her father two months ago due to a deadly disease. After winter vacations got over, her brother has gone back to his hostel. She and her mother have also started their respective schools. She missed her brother very much. It was with him that she could talk to with open heart. She didn’t like to see her mother gloomy and sad. Although everything is coming back to routine but that laughter and happiness have evaporated somewhere. She silently wished for her brother to come back from his hostel but knew that her mother won’t take him out from there. Her father had worked really hard with his brother for preparing him for the entrance tests of that prestigious school. When he cleared them and got admission everyone was so happy. Knowing this Saanvi knew that its not going to happen. Everyone in her family i.e her mother, brother and she herself have to fight their own battles to overcome the common grief they have. She knew deep inside her heart that things have changed and their lives have changed forever. Her mother was working as a teacher and was trying hard to make ends meet.

After coming home, just when she finished her homework and was keeping the books back inside the bag she found the piece of chalk she was playing with in school. Taking it in hand she moved to the terrace. They were living in the rented accommodation. With nothing specific in her mind she started scribbling on the floor of terrace. Soon her scribbling turned to certain words which she loved with all her heart. Just then she heard her mom calling her and she rushed down. She has been upstairs for an hour and her mom was getting worried with her long absence. Saanvi started discussing their plan for the weekend. They were going to meet her brother in his hostel. Every month she used to wait for the weekend when they would go to meet him.

While they were in between their planning the landlady of the house came and asked Saanvi’s mom to come on terrace. She seemed angry and wanted to show her something. In a confused state, her mom moved towards terrace. Behind her taking small steps Saanvi started walking. She knew what aunty wants to show and why she is angry. It was about what she has done on terrace using the chalk.

With her heart beating fast she stood hiding behind her mother when they reached terrace. Her mother stood there silently seeing the full terrace filled with the little Saanvi’s writing. She couldn’t utter a word. It was as if Saanvi has poured her little desire in writing. All the terrace was filled with the names ‘ Vinay, Kamini, Saanvi, Swayam’ written close to each other like a small knit family. It was as if little girl wants her family back together in the form of names. They were the names she never wanted to part away. They were the names that were etched together forever in her heart. She saw a tear rolling down on her mother’s cheek. Just then their eyes met and her mom embraced her in a tight hug.

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