Make a difference in your life
|   Sep 12, 2014
Make a difference in your life


I always   beleive in this mantra that helping others can bring happiness in your life .I generously donate the things I could for the needy,  I help my neighbors from time to time, I pick up random litter, I always carry bags for the elderly, I stop and let the pedestrians walk across the road while i am driving, I pick and hand over something that someone else dropped, I offer seat for a standing stranger in the bus, I let go the trapped insects i find in my room, I let the cars go ahead of me if they’re in a hurry, I love calling and reminding old friends that im still alive. I let someone jump the queue if im not in a hurry, Im kind to strangers and beggars, I love to appreciate, I share what I can, I smile at people, I thank without any reason, and I love to see others smile.. Each day I try my best to create a smile. And I keep trying that every day…

Many years later, while I sip on a coffee and stare at my wall, all I want to say is those two words, “I tried”. I intentionally made an attempt to brighten someones day by doing something thoughtful, and caring. Even though it seemed close to nothing, I still tried to bring in a smile at the face of hostility and selfishness, I tried my best not to be self absorbed, I kept my ego at the bay and helped someone, and most importantly I tried to create a ripple of kindness. The best part is you will never know who you will end up inspiring by doing a silly random act of kindness. You don’t have to be a superhero, you don’t have to do much, but do whats possible for you at that moment. Try to see the positive side, try to love, help and respect people a bit more. Years later, that one thought will be enough to bring in a huge smile on your face, and take you to the ultimate delight and joy of being extremely content about ones thoughts and actions. In the end, these silly random acts are going to justify my conscience, I will always know that I tried the best I could If you tried all you could, if you cared to the best you can, then that’s enough, that’s all you really need .We can bring happiness & peace in our life by just helping & loving others.

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