Daddy's Little Girl is no more.. !!
|   Apr 22, 2016
Daddy's Little Girl is no more.. !!

She was loved, she was admired, she was pampered, she was motivated, she was supported, she was valued and she was a daddy's girl. She loved her family. Her daddy was her ideal and her biggest strength. Her mommy was her pamperer. Her siblings were her companions and supporters. Her daddy taught her the most important lessons of her life. Self-esteem, dignity, compassion, humility, self-reliance were some of them. Her daddy used to take pride in her. He was confident of her bright future and had pinned high hopes in her. Suddenly, a day came when she turned nobody. That nobody was somebody's wife, somebody's daughter-in-law and somebody's sister-in-law. Overnight, her value became cipher. Her opinions turned irrelevant. Her feelings no longer mattered. She was humiliated frequently. Her self-esteem was crushed everyday. She was treated like a burden. The dreams of a bright future which she carried in her eyes were shattered. 

She lost her family in which she was born, raised and always loved and her new family is nowhere close to her genetic family. The feeling of always being treated as an outsider constantly remains with her. She misses her daddy's affectionate pat on her head. She misses her mommy's warm hugs. She misses her carefree chitchats and silly fights with her siblings. When she feels sad, she still craves for her mommy's tight embrace. When she fails, she longs for her daddy's reassuring and motivating words. When she feels low, she still yearns for her siblings' funny acts to make her feel light. She wishes to share her pain with her mommy but often ends up saying, ''Don't worry mammy, I am fine'' and hides the melancholy in her voice with a good deal of efforts. She avoids her siblings because she is tired of sounding unhappy all the time . She does not call her dad because she feels ashamed that she is not the same bright girl any more who was capable of achieving everything. But deep down she wants to cry her heart out and say, "Daddy, Mommy, please take me back to the world where you nurtured me, where I blossomed. The pains and hurt which I have experienced in a short time were unknown to me in your care."

Now, she feels she is guilty of murdering her daddy's dream. She is guilty of hurting her family's pride. She is guilty of ruining her life. She is guilty of all the wrong decisions which she took in life. She doesn't know where she belongs to. She doesn't know which is her home. She is lonely, hurt, broken, emotionally torn, half dead inside and she is no longer a daddy's girl.

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