Try not saying a "no "
|   May 08, 2017
Try not saying a "no "

Long before I was even pregnant, one of my friends gave me an advise...a very helpful one. She was playing with her kids and was giving happy answers to the questions of her children. I intervened and she said do not tell your child what not to do rather what to do. 

I was not sure if I would be able to implement or even understand its implementation in my motherhood. Soon my infant turned into a toddler..the most difficult phase of a child. A time when you have to keep a constant eye on your little one...

A pebble would anytime reach his little tiny hands and would travel into his throat...before  you could even react. I would see mothers shouting and running to their kids...if they see a coin in their hands. Our story was different. When my daughter was playing with my wallet and a coin steeped out in her hands...she so much wanted to lick it and taste it.

My husband calmly asked her to try keeping the coin on her head without moving....and it became a play for her...not a single time I saw her trying to put it in her mouth. There were times she had all the things reach her hands on..that she was not even supposed to be near to...but every time rather than saying a " no" we taught her what she has to do with it.

Yes there were a lot of things that needed snatching right away...but never the way that I  would leave my kid crying and longing for it. In this age we might want to shout a no ...even in our dreams while a short no.. baby no do not touch no dont....and a lot of no would leave your child being stubborn and confused...he will think that mumma says a no to everything, so ignore.

Hence if you can handle the situation saying...lets do it right way..or let me teach you what we do with it..will help your child develop . He would want to come over to you .

Yes my child would love to watch tv or  mobile phone...I never said no..rather I told we can only watch for ten minutes..and will only show colourfull rhymes or stories...that I beleive is an education in its own form. So try refraining from saying a no to everything...and if it is safe..let him touch and explore things....this is the first step towards his intellectual development .let him...he wants to throw pillows..wants to help you to set a table..wants to give u a hand while cleaning, let him.

Yes as a parent you know the best for his safety...keep that in mind and let him fly. You will surely see a change...child will be more content, less cranky, less stubborn, more confident and more open with you. Every child is different but this thing will surely help..some less some more. 

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