|   Sep 20, 2016

Kids could be quite gullible at times and have a tendency to readily take our words on face value. If we evasively tell them that we will play with them tomorrow at 3pm, you would find them all dressed up , ready to go at 3pm, looking expectantly at you!! That is the impact our word has on them.

Recently, during Ganapati Visarajan there was a news piece about some youth trying to drown a cop which was quite worrying. The incident is gross, however what is more surprising is complete apathy from onlookers. Here we had god-loving devotees awaiting turn for immersion and turning a blind eye to the suffering of the most beautiful creation of god- Human being. What an Irony!

This definitely calls for an introspection in terms of our own modeling of anger management and empathy in day to day life. While we progress economically and spiritually, it is important to carry our humane aspect as well. Worth pondering on what are our actions and spoken words while facing:


  1. Imagine, our child broke the cardinal rule of time-to-come home after playing. On being questioned he shared that his friend had fallen down and got hurt. He was busy helping the friend and thereby lost the track of time!! Do we believe in face value!!
  2. We are driving our car and another person closely overtakes us. Or we cross somebody too close startling a pedestrian and in turn cussing us….
  3. We are into a lift with our child and the lift is about to close and a few guys are rushing from a distance towards the lift….
  4. We are into a bus or a train or a crowded place with our child and witness another person who fainted or a pregnant lady or an old person.
  5. Our child shares that her friend name-called her or her friend.
  6. When we see a police man approaching us while we broke a traffic signal.
  7. While taking a walk in the society with our child, if we see an older person hitting a child in our front….


The situation could be unique each time, often what stands out as memories for us as well as our children is what were our words and approach to the situation.With nuclear families and the social bonding/feeling of kinship beyond immediate family set up eroding, our I-me-mine could unfortunately break down the social fabrics and drive the society as a whole towards depression, loneliness and often violence.

We, as a parent, also have a hand in building the future ahead. For the sake of our children, ACT NOW. Modeling empathy, inclusiveness and respect for others in our day to day dealings with people would go a long way in setting the ball running into a beautiful tomorrow. amen!


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