#Momspiration: Lessons That I Learned From My Mother
|   May 17, 2017
#Momspiration: Lessons That I Learned From My Mother

Mothers first home us in their womb and from their starts a new bond, a lifelong journey of love and trust. They inspire us, they are our first teacher and rather we owe our gratitude towards them, and we are proud on our being.

But I have a different story; my mother gifted me a second life in the same birth.

Yes! Sometimes for no reasons or some; conspiring minds try to silence a kid by stealing their breath. It happened with me, some relatives(no mention, as they have made their final journey, hell or heaven don’t know) tried the same but due to my mother’s strong intuitive nature and the presence of mind, here I’m alive safe and sound and creating a niche for myself midst writers. But if she would not have acted wise and brave, the grey thoughts would have cast its spell on the 6 years old. To mention, the conspiracy was not to a girl child, but some reasons unknown to us, yet.

Here I share few life lessons that I inherited from my mother, an intuitive and strong willed lady with soft attributes, for which words fall less.

(1) Be your identity. My mom says that anytime in life anybody could leave, might be by choice or due to circumstantial reasons, but an identity will never leave you. She says that she would love to be identified with my identity which I create for myself. Hence journey began!

(2) Treasure your independence. A woman needs mans to complement but not to be dependent on him. You don’t need a man to take care of you, you could do it for yourself and fair well. She always taught me to be my own happiness and in a process helped me lower my dependencies on others.

(3) The essence of unconditional love. Mothers teach us how to make sacrifices without any complain and even not let out a single sigh. Moms selflessly devote their life for us. The fact is no love could ever be higher than mother’s love.

(4) Self-love is essential. We know how to give up, but I learned from my mom how to keep going and keep fighting and make a way out. She taught that I mustn’t be defined by grief but the way I bounce back in life and how hard I fight for the life I want. Mom taught that love starts with self and in the process, we learn how to love others.

(5) To be both strong and gentle. Mothers are strong and sensitive as well, but they just hide their emotions quite well. They silently cry over your pain, spend awake because when certain things trouble you. Her warm hug says all about her unmatched compassion and tenderness. In the process of being what she is, my mom taught me to be an amalgam of contraries, be both gentle and strong.

 (6) Patience and faith. Storms do not remain forever; stay calm and let the phase pass. She taught me the essence of faith and hope and eventually the significance of patience.

 (7) Face criticisms positively. Mostly we don’t like people finding flaws in us. Well every time they are not wrong and my mom always says me to face criticism positively. She says critics are an outward source of motivation and it does wonders if their words meet our desire to evolve.

(8) Be a balance between work and family. Since very small age, I have seen my mom going to the office and also seen her doing the household chores. My desire to do a job came as an inspiration from her. The way she balanced her roles kept me moving through the different phases of life, even during the relocation debacle, I didn't opt to give up my job, but somehow wished an impossible to happen. And the miracle happened when my on desk job got transformed into a work from home opportunity and I continued to carry with my job as well as relocated.

(9) To be a good mother. Being raised by a mom who showed you how to take care of a family, taught the significance of unconditional love and in the process, she nurtured me to become a good mommy. She taught me to be affectionate, protective, compassionate, strong and understanding. She has set an example, and many at times whether knowingly or not, I follow her footsteps, though one step at a time.

Like every child; every mom is unique. We love our moms, but understanding her is different and more difficult as well. Often we forget that she’s a human, made of flesh and blood like us with emotions and dreams. Empathize her feelings and try conferring helping hands towards them. She won’t utter a word of anguish, you need to fathom that. Hug your mom, enquire about her day; how it went and watch how her eyes glitter.

Mothers heal us and care for us, but when kids appear wonderful and compassionate towards them, it’s blessings in return.

Often people try to place or mould the roles of moms in their own expectations; that happens in ignorance, but loving them for what they are or how they are is our utmost way of expressing our gratitude towards our mother.

In our daily effort, we can transform each day into Mother’s Day.   

Signing out with a positive note,


**This blog is an adaptation of my article in The Good Men Project!

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