Reflection Of A Woman
|   Mar 11, 2017
Reflection Of A Woman

There is so much that a woman has to undergo in life, just for being a woman. But a woman’s inner strength can take her through anything!

Gold in fire or a tea bag diving in hot water;

I’m Khona, gazing through the sands in hourglass

Playing hide & seek with life and fate,

Yet with sparkling smile & twinkling eyes,

Humming a song of dulcet wilderness.

I kneel to pray for shaping my soul, while God leading the way

I have dreams to fulfill; and many promises to keep;

But the turning points in life left me shattered,

Yet my inner strength trying to collect all pieces bit by bit,

And mould a new persona of myself.

Marriage bring new relations; with new responsibilities and duties,

…..And expectations with no known limits;

I know that being gold shall refine in fire,

Or a tea bag, dip dip in hot water,

Shall infuse to it the strong flavor of myself.

Disguise my feelings by clouds,

And look forward for daily challenges,

There is courage in midst of fear,

Shall declare triumph over faith, because God is near.

Then comes a new challenge of motherhood,

He is allowed to make an excuse for being a dad for first time,

But Expectations are flooded on me as I must be experienced

Even though myself a new mom.

The association of motherhood is unique,

Only the inner strength helps reach the peak,

Again I dive in hot water; infusing my aroma with strong flavor;

It’s tough for not just bearing, but raising a child,

At times need to control the spouse from running wild,

A single or married woman; yet identity asks for freedom

Freedom from all blames & excuses lame.

The road I’m travelling is both winding and long,

And so I need to be more than strong,

An arduous trek is measured in length

Like a tea bag in hot water will show my strength.

I honor a “Shout Out” to every woman,

For defeating circumstances & test of time;

For every time she goes diving like a tea bag,

Infusing flavor and taste to the plain hot water.

But unlike a tea bag, we are monotonous with variety,

The same old tea bag but with so much diversity;

In midst of all fears, we shall not make a dent,

We are withstanding not by outward strong, but inner strength.

N.B. Khona is a legendary character; a feminist whose tongue was served with knife. In this poem Khona depicts me, you or any woman of strength. In our lifetime we dive like a tea bag in hot water, infusing our aroma and flavor to our surroundings and emerge stronger with time & situation. But unlike a tea bag we are not time-worn; we women are monotonous but with diversity.

The poem was previously published as Winning Entry  For The #GoodwynTea Writing Contest at Women's Web !

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