This Valentine’s Day Let’s Embrace The differences To Dissipate Differences
|   Feb 10, 2017
This Valentine’s Day Let’s Embrace The differences To Dissipate Differences

If two snowflakes can be alike, humans too. Can they complement each other? NO! Love sustains in the celebration of differences.

It’s the month of Love! Expressing love, planning first dates or buying gifts its so fascinating and cute. But then once the air starts getting cold; love cease or freeze for many! Well, I’m not against V-day or the celebration; I too love the ambiance that nature gifts us as spring and which in return marks this celebration.

But what pains is that the next V-Day is not same for many couples; not talking about the ugly destiny of life but the decisive fate created by human. And suddenly the much alike people starts thinking that they are incompatible with each other.

Here I share the story about a lovely aged couple Sushobhan and Riya and their names tell it was a marriage of tradition to  trendiness. They are similar only in their likeness of reading habits and having a penchant for classic melodies; both the qualities not so vital for life. And every aspect about them is just opposite. The man is conservative and worships conventions and the lady has a mind that grew with time and is a free thinker. But they are celebrating their 60th anniversary of their love this V-day. Yes, they have been playing their partnership on various pitches of life but together. The secret to their oneness is they were fast to embrace their differences.

I happened to meet them in a park where I often visit and relief my writer’s block. Finding an empty corner sat down to enjoy my solitude. Suddenly a romantic hum stirred up my mind. On opening my eyes I found an aged couple at some distance was sitting on a bench and the elderly man was singing an old melody in a low tone to his lady.

When our eyes met, they waved to say sorry thinking they might have interrupted my solitude while I smiled at them and wanted to shift my place, such that they could enjoy their space. But the next moment they asked me to join them and I couldn’t defy their friendly gesture. And you know elderly people loves telling their stories and myself with the habit of talking and listening to both strangers and friends.

While I was wondering which aspect of love should I touch during the month of love; a true story with a beautiful message of “embracing the differences” came my way. And I said to myself , what could be so alluring and tempting in an era when break ups are more common than genuine love stories.

I was enlightened by their real life experience and this blog narrates a cute love story of a real life couple. I understood from them, that embracing differences doesn’t mean making compromises but to ignore the differences and eventually learn to think and believe the same way.

With their monumental differences, they had every reason in the world to say goodbye and move apart. But it was their decision to stick together that helped them learn more about each other and helped evolve their relationship and yet discovering new things.

Several challenging situations come across in life but to remain unchanged with the changing weather, is the key to a long and loving relationship.

That evening I realized that 4 things are vital to make love winning:

First, we need to overcome the black and white shades of right and wrong opinions or perceptions and open the door to acceptance and growth and eventually enjoy the various shades and hues of color. The partners instead on trying to convince their ways or making an effort to mold their significant half must consider respecting the differences in faith, opinions, and thoughts.

Second, differences open the doorway to new experiences. By opening yourself up to another way of living and that too not with a sense of compromise but as a choice to explore new adventures you can make more educated decisions.

Third, what we find problematic in others is actually our own darker shades which we can’t accept. Yes! Often we point fingers and find a flaw but reflection into our own can really create a difference in the differences. 

Finally, not to hold on grudges. Forget them as a storm and calm your relationship.Communicate well with your partner to express yourself and try to figure out what the other has to say.

The fact is that relationship serves as a mirror for oneself, the truth is that we also have flaws.

Even we get angry or do nuisance act and recognizing them in someone else means we are denying them in ourself and not completely accepting the darker sides with their brighter ones.

The aged couple had personalities on opposite ends of the spectrum, but instead of diverting their focus on that, they accepted and loved the flaws and saw their differences dissipate.

On being asked if they don’t quarrel or fight then the cutest thing that Mr. Sushobhan said is,“When she is angry I sing and she blushes” and Mrs. Riya added, “When he is angry I cook his favorite food and he relishes”.

And they told that actually after a big fight in the morning, she cooked his favorite food and when her man was calm he started singing for her which continued till the hum that interrupted my seclusion.

Wish I would have captured their photo, but when I go in such expeditions, I leave my mobile at home such that no distractions steal my mental peace. Now I regret!

Hope you all liked to read such real an inspiring real life story. I think if we could share such success stories and the secret behind them we can together make an effort to spread love and build the faith again that true and pristine love yet exists and Valentine's day marks that celebration.

What if commercialisation is doing their own business; let’s consider it’s their way to celebrate our love and it’s our way to empower them.





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