Unwanted Girl Child
|   Jun 27, 2017
Unwanted Girl Child

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I do not cherish in my mom’s eyes

And I am not my dad’s darling doll;

I was sent by Heaven, beautiful;

But I actually was not called for.


Dad says “you could have been little careful”;

Mom yells “why not you been mindful”?

In the corner, I stand and cry helplessly;

Wishing to God, take me away, immediately.


I cried  for several nights

Wished to get my mother’s  warmth,

But was taken care by aunt dear;

I dreaded the dark imaginary shadows,

And I was mocked for my fear.


Once I broke a plate of glass;

Mom was mad and Dad came hitting;

They grieved at the shattered glass,

While my heart broke into pieces.

And nobody to care.Alas!


Flogging on  back, bruises on my face

For not dusting the room and not cleaning the place.

I feared when they suddenly walked behind me

Even their contour dreaded me.

Was slapped to teach etiquette,

Scolded for  reasons I never could relate;

I’m that girl who’s life was miserable

As I was their unwanted child.


Only 20 in Maths; no dinner tonight,

She came first in class, now you go out of sight;

Laundry not completed; plates not washed,

Who on earth will feed you?

You get this morsel of bread;

As you happen to stay at your Dad’s hotel.

Come here, go there...

Do this and do that...

Abide by every word they say;

Or will be sent to a distant hostel.


Not allowed to make new friends,

There was none to share my plight;

Dad’s yell brought rains of beatings;

And I wished my mother covered me!

But as usual, she turned her back to my agony.

Thus I learned to smile with tears

And did away with my fear.


But enduring to survive is a crucial test;

With faith in God, I came out my best.

At the age of marriage,

They wanted to get rid of me;

Arranged a match with an uncle of their choice;

And I had no better option but, flee.


Unknown to them,

I acquired a good job myself,

As financial stability was my only help;

With some clothes and my academic certificates, slipped in bag;

I started one day for a distant land.

I became my Runaway Pride!

Free from their clutches to find a new hide;

Now, free willed I live my life

Embracing courage, Idid away with strife.


My today is different, so good!

I no more fear their piercing look,

And rejoice being molded as me;

The best that I could be;

I grew into being all I'm capable of,

The self, that I am proud of.


So my unwanted Girl Child,

Stand for self to change your plight,

Keep the faith in being yourself

Thou be thine last hope and keep up the Fight.

My poetry intends to add another fresh perspective on the subject of domestic abuse. The fact is that any sort of abuse, be at the hands of in-laws, relatives or own parents, is domestic violence. 

The protagonist of my poem is my childhood friend, who’s a successful educationist now. Name veiled on request, as she doesn't want to disclose the names of her parents.

But the fate could befall on anyone, any girl child who has been sent from heaven but was not welcomed by her people. No! It was not because she was a girl. The fact is that she happened to be an unwanted child. So her parents nurtured her like a forced duty. They just waited the day when they could do her Kanyadan and get free of all responsibilities. This could happen to anyone and is happening with many among you. 

This blog post is my contribution to spreading awareness on Domestic Violence through an initiative "Blogathon : #ALetterToHer."

Note: A woman writer of today’s who could really inspire me by her honest and fiery writing is Meena Kandasamy. Her article in TOI depicts the strength and potential of a woman. She proved that fighting for your own rights is not being selfish. I’m eagerly looking forward to own her book "When I Hit You". It's a must read!

Signing off!


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