This Valentine's
|   Feb 10, 2017
This Valentine's

So the Valentine's day is coming n all d love soaked couples r ready to celebrate their love.Wat about us,the exhausted parents?Do u remember dat its on 14th feb or r we tracking d calendar for d nxt baby vaccination date? Before my baby was born me n S had lots of plans on how to celebrate d V day.From 2014 i just forgot d date as i never had time to even realise wat date or day it is.Many new parents will relate to dis.Now since A is 2yrs i got time to think on wat all i missed dese 2yrs.So this Valentine's we planned a 1 day trip to an outskirts beach resort which got cancelled due to d oil spill in Chennai.N i actually got happy dat it got cancelled as a holiday with a baby isn't a holiday,its just a change of place for d mom.Dear hubby thought dat i must be disappointed n wanted to make it up by asking me wat else he can do to make me happy.I let him think dis way n said i want 3hrs to myself dis Valentine's.

Yeah 3hrs!Can u give?He was surprised n said baby i m all urs,y just 3hrs?I said i want 3hrs to MYSELF,ME ALONE! 

                            He cudnt get wat i meant n den i told him dis Valentine's i want to make sure dat i feel loved.N how do i do dat?I need a spa appointment to pamper myself while u take care of d baby.He said dats all,den go.I made him understand no dats not all.From d past 2yrs hardly came a time wen me as a mom thought about myself.Mirror was seen only to make sure people know i m not a zombie n to luk sane.We as a mom/wife make sure kids,husband r all taken care of but wen it comes to us we keep adjusting n neglect ourselves.By just taking sum time for ourselves we can get recharged to do all things with same love n care.Theirs no Sunday for a mom,no sick leave nothing. Endlessly we r in a routine.It's like a mobile,u cant drain it n should not talk on 5%battery.D radiation is d highest wen d battery is critically low.So ladies take a day off for urself,think about u n only u for dat time.Do wat makes u happy.It can be a spa visit,visiting mom,ur frnds,baking or anything which u enjoy.Love urself.Be ur own Valentine,this Valentine's.

Find occasions when hubby can be of help to look after kids n go for a refreshing retreat even if its for sum hours.We all need a break,n if a mom gets it even for sum hours its a pure bliss.

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