A Journey from a carefree girl to complete womenhood
|   Feb 04, 2016
A Journey from a carefree girl to complete womenhood

It was 6:30 in the morning. I could barely open my eyes, but I could hear someone cry. Ohh!! It was Shaurya, he must be hungry, he was crying for milk. Shanaya joined in the rhythm, she was also hungry. Both were now 9 months old, Shanaya made sure, that we had sleepless nights and Shaurya was an early riser. I got up and prepared their milk, meanwhile, Shiv was also wide awake, took both the kids in his arms, so that they would stop crying. 

Both the kids went into sleep mode once again, once they had their milk. Oh! I so much wanted to get back to bed again and sleep for a minute. But no doubts, that minute soon changes into an hour.

No I can’t, there was so much to do, I went to kitchen to prepare Shiv’s breakfast and lunch. Side by side, I put dirty clothes in the washing machine. Shiv helped me with some household chores before leaving for office. I did the sweeping and cleaning of the house, before the kids woke up.

From the time, the kids were born, we were eagerly looking for a full time help at home. But somehow, nothing was materializing.

It was already 10’o clock. Kids made sure, they would not give me even a minute, so that I could grab a few bites of breakfast. While I was busy changing diaper of Shanaya, Shaurya went crawling to the kitchen, opened the drawer best within his reach. Oh!! There it is, his favorite spot of mischief, “Flour”.

My mother-in-law shouted, “Preeti, see, what has he done in the kitchen.” Now I ran, into the kitchen, there was Shaurya, bathed in flour. He had spilt  flour all over the kitchen. Now, I was again sweeping the house, for the second time.

My mother-in-law said, “You have your breakfast, meanwhile I will look after the kids.” I agreed with a nod, I was hungry like hell. I sat down and grabbed the tea and sandwich, just then, “I think, you will have to clean him first, he has done potty”, my mother-in-law said.

By afternoon, every inch of me, ached for rest. But the kids needed me. Both were crying, Shaurya wanted my feed and Shanaya wanted my lap for sleep. Somehow, I made both of them sleep, I lay with them exhausted. Tears rolled down my eyes. It was not that, I wasn’t happy with my life, but it’s just that you feel real low some days.

My thoughts ran back to the past memories. Six years ago, I was at my home in Siliguri, just returned from hostel after completing my graduation. My room was a mess. Clothes, books, laptop lying everywhere in my room. At 10’o clock in the morning, I could hear my mother shout from the kitchen, “Guttu (that’s what they called me at home) get up, it’s already 10.” After that followed, all the famous dialogues of Indian moms, “Pata nahi ish ladki ka kya hoga,…….”. I got up lazyily from the bed. She had prepared my favorite Bread Pizza. I hugged her. While having my sumptuous breadfast, I called up my friend Pooja, “Poo, lets go for movie.”, and in few minutes, the plan for the day was set. First movie, then lunch and then some shopping. 

By evening, I was tired like hell, after so much of shopping, movie and lunch which obviously was replaced with mouthwatering golgappas and chats of Siliguri. I reached home, threw all shopping bags on bed, laid my head on my mom’s lap, and my nonstop chit chat began telling her about the day.  She was listening very carefully and the softness of her hand caressing my hair. It was so relaxing to be with her, she had the patience like ocean, she was one point of contact for everything, she took care of our likes and dislikes, we could pour out our heart to her at any point of time.

I broke from my few minutes’ sleep, when I felt something on my hand. It was Shanaya’s hand. She wanted her mother’s warmth and coziness. She shifted her head on my chest and again went into deep slumber.

The faces had changed but motherhood remained the same. My mother nurtured me , now it is me, nurturing a daughter, so that in future, she would be one, nurturing a whole new family.

I got up with a new energy and went to kitchen to prepare dinner. My father-in-law and husband’s favorite Idli-Sambar.

And the journey continued from a careless and carefree girl to a complete womenhood…..


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