Let’s hack fitness with Healthy Snacks
|   May 31, 2017
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Let’s hack fitness with Healthy Snacks

All the while we have been talking and reading about healthy meals.

What about those hunger pangs we get in between the meals. Don’t our taste buds tantalized just 2 hours after breakfast at the sight of fresh fruits dipped in rich cream. That craving to grab upon a samosa at 5 0'clock in the evening.

Do we realize Snacks plays a very important role in our diet? Snacks kills small hunger pangs in between the meals and also right snacks are a good source of energy and nutrients for both kids and grown-ups.

When kids are shouting for those between-meals munchies, they want something tasty. We as mothers, always have that yearning to give them something healthy. It’s a battle between healthy and tasty.

I feel extremely delighted to share with you all, my experience of being invited to bloggers meet, organized by mycity4kids in association with NESTLÉ. The meet was all about healthy snacks.

It was an interactive session with Nutritionist Mandeep Thakral sharing with us, her hacks to healthy and fit life.

Some key takeaways from the session:


  1. Eat something healthy after every 3 hour, to keep up the energy and to avoid overeating at mealtimes.

  2. Tasty and healthy, both the parameters must be met, to have a good snack time.

  3. Snacks can include fresh fruits, yogurt, mixed nuts like peanuts, cashews, walnuts and almonds, fresh juices, sprouts, boiled chickpeas and kidney beans etc.

  4. Drink lots of water

  5. Go for green tea which is loaded with lots of antioxidants and nutrients.

I loved this new product from NESTLÉ, the low fat Greek yogurt NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo. Now let me tell you the difference between the regular yogurt and Greek yogurt. Greek Yogurt is much thicker and creamier because of the extra liquid being strained off.

What makes new NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo Greek Yoghurt special is extra milk Protein & calcium, which gives it a deliciously thick and creamy Texture.

It tasted wow! With the real fruit bits in it, adding to its taste. So here we have a delicious as well as healthy snacks in various flavours including pineapple, blueberry, Mango, Orange and Strawberry

Apparently, our appetite for some snacks was stimulated by Master Chef 2016 Finalist Rohini Thareja.  She prepared some scrumptious recipes which were easy to prepare, delight to eyes and great in taste.

Once I was back home, tried my own hand at a recipe. Cut banana, apple and grapes in small pieces in a bowl. Added NESTLÉ A+ Grekyo (blueberry) to it. Garnished it with some chocolate chips, cherry and dry fruits. My kids loved it.

So, guys indulge your taste buds in the rich taste of Nestlé a+ Grekyo. Go greedy without being guilty and enjoy a healthier snack.


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