Lets have peaceful and managed mornings!!
|   Feb 28, 2017
Lets have peaceful and managed mornings!!

For quite some time I have been suffering from “laziness syndrome”. Today finally I pulled myself up to write something.

Mornings, Oh! God, Mornings can be so hectic and chaotic. My alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and then starts the phase of snoozing for 5 minutes and then re-snoozing for another 5 minutes. I and my husband have to leave home in any case at 8:30 a.m., drop the kids at daycare and then move forward towards our respective offices.

I know how stressful my mornings were. Most of time I was shouting, Hurry up! We are getting late. Sometimes we were searching for car keys, sometimes Shaurya crying his lungs out because he wanted to take the 4 feet tall teddy to daycare with him, and sometimes, it would be breakfast! Shaurya wanted to have vermicelli, Shanaya wanted Stuffed Parantha, I had made Poha. So it was a complete mess.

I thought it was not working out. It was very stressful for every one of us, often leading to shouting on kids. Also, beginning the day on a negative note would spoil everybody’s whole day. So, here’s what I do now to have better and managed mornings.

  • I get up 45 minutes earlier than anyone else. So it gives me time, peace and quiet to gear up for the day.

  • Planning is the key to success. I plan the night before about what needs to be prepared for breakfast and lunch for next morning. Also, I discuss the menu with my family a night before, so there are no debates and discussion in the morning.

  • Apart from planning, I accomplish, what can be accomplished a night before. Washing the lunch boxes, cutting the veggies etc, signing the notebooks (if required), everything is done a night before. My husband prepares the bag for kids, their dresses etc. So mornings in no way involves any kind of decision making or packing of bags etc.

  • Everything at its place is the golden rule that I thing everyone should follow to have a better managed life. Keys at is place, shoes in the shoe rack, your daughters little cute hairpins in one box. So, in morning your kids would not be shouting, Mumma where is my shoes, mumma where are my hairpins? Etc, etc.

  • Ah! That craving to pick up mobile in the morning and check social pages or news just for 5 minutes to get the updates. No, I don’t touch my mobile till we are out of home and comfortably seated in the car.

  • A good night’s sleep leads to fresh and beautiful mornings. So I make sure everyone of us, sleeps on time, so that we all are well-rested and kids are not grumpy in the morning. Also, in the morning my husband put on a soft song or bhajan while waking up the kids, to start the day on positive note.

This small tips and changes in my daily routine has helped me overcome the morning rush and anxiety.

What tips do you have for making the morning routine less stressful? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.




















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