Miracle happens, and it happened with me, in form of my twins
|   Feb 01, 2016
Miracle happens, and it happened with me, in form of my twins

Me and my husband Shiv went for a dinner date. It was our 1st anniversary. We went to a quite restaurant, not many people around.

Just then there entered a couple with two kids, both dressed in same outfit, holding each other’s hands. They must be around 2 years old

Overexcited, I held my husband’s hand, “Shiv, look at them, they are twins. So cute. I want to hold both of them.”

As soon as the couple settled down, the kids made sure, that the quite restaurant does not remain the same anymore.  It was so much fun watching them. But goes without saying, their parent of the two were having a hard time, handling both the kids.

We left the restaurant, and walked down the street. Shiv, out of nowhere said, “It must be so much fun to have twins. I wish, whenever we plan kids, we have twins. Family complete in one go.”

I started laughing. “Shiv, how is it possible. To conceive twins, we should have a history of twins in your family on maternal or paternal side.”

And he laughed off, saying, “But I wish we could”.

After 1 year we started family planning. Whenever, we talked about kids, he always mentioned, I wish we could have twins. And I knew, somewhere from the bottom of his heart, he wanted twins.

On 16th April, 2015, after leaving from office, when I reached home, I was feeling really weak and a feeling of nausea and high fever. When I went to doctor he diagnosed me, with low level of diarrhea, also he doubted, that I might be pregnant. He suggested ultrasound.

I lay down at the ultrasound lab, holding my husband’s hand. Our happiness knew no bound when she confirmed that, I am pregnant. Just then, she said, “Wait mam, I think, you are pregnant with twins.”

Both of us shouted together, “WHAT”. It was as if, the whole world had united together, to bring his one wish true, “I WISH WE COULD HAVE TWINS”. Till today, I can’t forget the joy on his face, his enlightened eyes, when he heard this news.

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