Quick Recipes for the Toddler
|   Aug 31, 2016
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Quick Recipes for the Toddler

A healthy diet for a kid is the utmost concern for almost all the mothers. The problem with all the kids is, they eat not till their stomachs are filled, but till they don’t find any other more attractive activity around them. This is one of the reasons; all the super moms have to be ready with some awesome and quick recipes after every 2 hours in a day.

When my kids turned 2, I had prepared a chart of some of the quick recipes, keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of the kids. I would like to share some of the recipes here. The recipes below will serve 2 kids of around 2-­3 years old.

1.    Brown Bread ka Halwa: One of the most delicious recipes and a filling one, too.Recipe- Take 2­-3 piece fresh brown bread, grind them in the mixer. In a Kadhai, heat the Ghee. Add the grinded bread to the kadhai. Stir it, until the breads turn dark brown and it has left the Ghee. Add around half cup of milk, fresh cream and 5-­6 spoons of sugar to it. Keep stirring it, for another 2­-3 minutes and yummy bread ka halwa is ready.2.    Atta or Sooji ka Halwa:Ingredients Required - 1/4 cup Atta or Sooji, 1/4 cup Sugar, Ghee, 1 cup waterRecipe- In a Kadhai, heat the Ghee. Meanwhile, put water in another pan and let it come to boil. Add atta or Sooji, Keep stirring it, until it is dark brown. Add water and sugar, stir for few more minutes. Halwa is ready to be served.3.    Wholesome khichi: This one is the most nutritious one and a must for all the kids. Recipe- Take 1 spoon of all the dals available at home. Add 2­-3 spoons of raw rice to it. Wash it properly. Add vegetables (carrot, beans, cauliflower, potato cut in small piece) and salt to it. You can add soyabean also. Put it in cooker along with some water. Pressure cook it, until 3­-4 whistles. Khichi is ready to be served.4.    Vegetable soup: My daughter’s favoriteIngredients Required - Veggies: Carrot, Tomato, Ghiya, Beans, BeetrootRecipe - Cut all the veggie in small piece, put it in cooker, add some water and salt (according to taste). Pressure cook it, till two three whistles. Veggies soup is ready. Beat it, kids will love it.5.    Besan ka chilla:Recipe - Take besan in a bowl, grate a potato in it (this will make the Chillas very soft). Add water and salt in it and make a smooth batter. On the tawa, pour some oil, let it heat, then pour some batter, spread it in circular motion with the spoon. Put some ghee on the sides. Cook it on medium heat and turn it and cook the other side. Besan ka chilla is ready.6.    Milk:Recipe - Kids and their love for milk are inversely proportional. Therefore, I prefer adding an extra flavor to milk. You can try out different type of shakes, like Banana Shake, Chiku Shake, Mango Shake etc. or you can add a drink supplement to ensure the right compact nutrition with great taste. My daughter loved cholocate flavor Junior Horlicks with her milk.

Some of the other recipes for the kids is Fruit cream, Namkeen Daliya (with all the veggies), Poha etc. I am always on a lookout for something new for the kids. So, if you have any recipe to share, please share it here.

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