Happy Women’s Day... Isn’t it??
|   Mar 08, 2017
Happy Women’s Day... Isn’t it??

I woke up at morning and saw my phone blinking with flash light. Picked it up and checked… so many messages…. So many forwards… WhatsApp and Facebook were flooded with those… And I recollect “Ohh Yes… Today is 8th March… International Women’s Day” I smiled to myself, pat my shoulders for being independent and modern woman, wish myself and continue with my daily routine.

At afternoon my 3 year old daughter came from playgroup saying Happy Women’s Day Mamma… I was just about to feel happy and question came “Teacher told me to wish you so… but what it means? Is it your birthday? No? Then why are we celebrating it?” You know how we mom always walk on those slippery road of questions!!! So being Good Mom I have to score. I said “its women’s day baby… We as a girl celebrate this as our day” Quick reply came “Why? Then what should we do on other days? They are not ours?” A big thought, big enough to write this article… Sometimes I genuinely feels where my brain was when I was child… Well another topic of discussion… some other time may be…

While trying to answer my little one, I googled and got a big article on wiki about IWD… It is all about how it was earlier International Working Women’s Day started in New York and then becomes International Women’s Day celebrated overall world to commemorate the struggle for women's rights. Though google theoretically answer my question, it still remain there… Why we Celebrate Women’s Day? While we forward wishes and images to each other, there might somewhere in remote village or even in my neighborhood, some woman got beaten up by her husband. We are partying only girls’ celebration over here, there might some young girl at very tender age get married to Old age man on the name of tradition. We are uploading snaps of Women’s Day celebration and tagging each other on Facebook and there might someone get molested by so called Man and receiving blackmail calls. Who are those? That middle aged wife, young bride, raped girl… do they have reason to celebrate Women’s Day? What is Women’s Day for them? One more day of getting torture? If today is Women’s Day, then what about other 364? Are those other days are ok to misbehave with women? Ok to ill-treat her? Ok to molest her? Ok to torture her for dowry?  While celebrating this Women’s Day shall we feel safe coming late night alone after partying? Are we confident enough no single girl will be molested after today? Forget about today or tomorrow, do we think our daughters will be safe and well treated down the lines after 20 years? We can’t confidently answer these questions “Yes”, do we?

No I am not against this celebration. But only wishing each other, partying on the occasion and tagging each other while uploading snaps, is it only Women’s Day about? Don’t you think its high time we need to come out of this box… we need to do something so that while aging old, we don’t have to read those bulletin headlines with “Girls Raped in XXXX city” “Child marriage in XXX village” “Domestic violence at XXXX” “DIL burned for dowry”

Well… Well... Well… I know many time discussed topics and goes on round and round of discussions… We need to raise girl child as fearless, strong head, walk with chin-up girl, we need to educate them, we need to make them self-dependent, we should teach them self-defense and all those re-written solutions… I agree… All these are acceptable…

But why all this to be done with Girls? Why only Girls need to be change with self-defense and self-dependence? If you have running nose, you apply Vicks on your nose not on knee. So here problem is with Male dominance, problem in male’s view point which needs to cure first. When Men, be it father, husband, brother, friend or just a stranger walking on road, when he learns to treat Woman as a human, problem will be solved. We can’t go and change viewpoint of every men in society of course… But I think I have solution for this… A simple solution… Solution we can start with our home… As a mother we should teach some lessons to our Sons… lesson on how to respect women, respect her in every form as a mother, sister, grandmother, teacher, friend, wife, daughter or daughter in law. More than that we have to teach them every human is respectable in their own way be it men or women, known or stranger, old or young. When we teach this attitude to our Sons since from childhood, while turning into adult, they will be knowing there is no need to discriminate between men and women. They will look at our society without any gender bias thought, I think that will be the day, when we no need Women’s Day celebration on particular day... On this Women’s Day, I am starting this from my home… Do you???

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