My Birthday...My Mother's Day!!
|   May 06, 2015
My Birthday...My Mother's Day!!

Birthdays are special for the whole family. Your kids are more excited to celebrate your birthday. My seven year old daughter is super thrilled to make me feel special on my birthday. Admist all the secret planning, she comes up to me an asks one simple question.. I thanks to the week long celebrations for Mother's day happening around.. Do we celebrate Mother's day on your birthday? My spontaneous reply was 'Yes'. Her question made me think...'yes', it is indeed a special day for my mom too. Well! I am happy she asked me the question because I would have never thought of it at all. It is not only a special day for me but for my MOM too. A day when she was born! The mother in her was born the day when she felt special, emotional, happy and what not's? Why celebrate Mother's day on a particular day? Personalize it. ...the day when you're born is Mother's day for your Mom! All the wishes, gifts, surprises you receive on that day will surely make you stay on cloud nine but  believe me your mom equally deserves it too on the same day. A day when she went through the pain and gain simultaneously for the blossoming of her beautiful flower. I am quite sure that the day I was born should have been completely different from the day my sister was born. Growing up together though, every mom adopts and adapts unique parenting styles for each kid. The same was in our case as well and that makes me sense that  when we share our birthdays with mom,she will be flooded with thoughts right from our birth till now. A kiss, hug and a thank you note from you will undoubtedly bring tears of joy in her eyes. Remember each birthday you celebrate, you both grow together being more wise and more loving. Well! I am now waiting for my birthday not to feel special but to make my Mom know how special she is. So what are you waiting for. .don't wait for the world to decide Mother's day for you because everyday a Mother is born! ##EverydayIsMothersDay #MothersDay

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