A thought
|   Jun 19, 2017
A thought

As soon as I stepped into my home today, I found everything was disordered and displaced. Toys were not at their place, utensils were here and there, bed sheet was crumbled. I got very upset to see all this. I had just settled them all two hours back. Actually what happened in last two hours was that both of my kids invited their friends to play with them at home and they did it all while their child plays all over. It had become their routine work and I was getting tired of it now. Therefore, this time I decided firmly that none of their friends will be allowed get into the house for playing. I strictly ordered them to play only in the garden downstairs and not here. I clearly told them enough is enough and I can not manage it everyday. They all were looking at me fearfully. When I was discussing this topic and scolding my kids....one of my neighbors just entered my home to meet me. As I was fully exhausted I discussed this issue with her. Her answering response was wonderful, what she said not only made me relaxed but also compelled me to take it positive. She was about to near the age of retirement in her late fifties. Her two children were settled abroad and she used to live alone. She said....do you know how much I miss these things. She started recalling her past and said, my kids in their childhood days were always used to do the same things behind me. They always use to invite their friends to play and used to have lot of fun. Now in their absence I have no work to do. I feel so lonely at times that I miss those days badly. Now my house is all set but my heart is upset. Some times I feel that those days were far better then these lonely evenings. Now no one demands me to cook something special, none of their friend comes to my home, no one asks me to purchase me a toy. Only light memories of those times are left with me. She further said...now this is happening with you so take it as a bliss and don't get irritated but cherish these moments with your kids. All this may never come back in your life again. It is necessary that children should be taught discipline and should have habits of keeping their belongings at the right place but you should enjoy their innocence, talks and all such activities. That's the true motherhood.

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