C-Sec : An Incision to a Normal Delivery 
|   May 18, 2017
C-Sec : An Incision to a Normal Delivery 

A Cesarean section delivery has become a very common nowadays.  It is chosen as a best alternative  option to the normal delivery. By the term 'best', I mean more gainful and profitable business for hospitals and medical practitioners and obviously a painless procedure for mommies. 

I have two kids. Both are from Cesarean delivery.  And honestly,  the credit goes to my Doctors as I have had never wanted a scar mark on my belly.

During my first pregnancy, everything was good and fine. Me, my health and my baby were responding well to the every point. But when I went for my last sonography test which was as per to the advice of my doctor, the scene got changed suddenly. She told us by seeing the report that there is nothing good inside as the baby is unable to beathe properly. Then, what was there..! The happy environment was filled up with full of worry. My husband's looks were worth seeing at that time. Like every good and caring husband, he asked to the doctor that what can be done. 

Then my gynaecologist advised us to go for C-Sec otherwise the lives of both will be in danger. Left with no option we went ahead by agreeing to her advice.  

In my second case also doctor was not even ready to take a chance for normal delivery neither she suggested me. Beacuse the previous one was not normal, hence she was not going to take any risk this time. Though this time my doctor was different. 

What I feel or what I have learned from my previous experiences that generally most of the mommies are ready to go for normal delivery as well as to bear the pain, but the doctors comes up with the sudden complications and convince the patients and her family to go for Cesarean delivery. 

Hence I would like to request all doctors, "please stop being professional and being loyal to your hospitals where you are attached with. You all are considered to be the next of God. So please do Service, rather than doing business. We trust you and we respect you."

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