Old age homes - a curse of life
|   Jun 14, 2017
Old age homes - a curse of life

An old age home is usually a place or a home for those old people who have no one to look after them or those who have been thrown out of their homes by their children. For me the first condition is understandable but I was questioning myself about the latter one. Why do we throw away parents out of their home only? Why do we forget that because of these parents we are in this world standing on our feet. They had sacrificed their present to make our future bright. We should never forget that we will also reach that stage of life and this can happen with us also.

Few days back I was shocked to see the video which was posted in one of the social media platform visualizing that the daughter in law is thrashing her mother in law and son is pushing her mum to go out of their house. The mother was crying like anything and requesting her son and daughter in law not to behave like this with her. I was surprised to see that young and seems to be "educated" couple was behaving like this. I just wanted to ask that young couple that do you have some ethics or values in your life? Have you received this type of upbringing from your home? How could you do this inhuman act? I understand that there might be some issues going behind the camera but this can never be a solution.

I agree that in our society (most of the cases) daughter in laws are considered to be an outsider. But please do imagine one thing, if this same happens to your parents, then what will you do? Won't you ask your brother to stop this sort of activity and be good to the parents...? So, you can do the same with your husband also. 

I completely believe in this fact that when we reach to an elderly stage of life we start behaving like a kid. We start doing those activity which seems to be quite annoying for others, but do we throw our kids out of our house? No. Then how can we do this to our parents? Our parents need our support, our love and care; they need someone to talk, to listen and to discuss;that's it, nothing else and what's wrong in this.. Are not we require someone to talk or to listen or we are so good in our isolation.? I would like to mention that isolation is that pain of life which makes a person die daily instead of dying in a one go. So, please do not support nor get involved in any such activities which is painful. That pain which can never be understood unless and until it is felt and realised. And after all we are a present to our future generation, so in order to be a good parent we have to be a good children; and yes this is a truth of life.

At last I would like to conclude that in today's life the challenge is not to build a house. House can be built by anyone, but not everyone can built up a HOME. A Home Sweet Home.

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