Aamir khan vs Intolerance
|   Nov 25, 2015
Aamir khan vs Intolerance

Hi all, I am back again with another thought provoking issue. It's a boon as well a curse to be a celebrity in our country. Lots of people kill, die under mysterious circumstances, if they are discovered, a small space is given in the dailies but if a celebrity slaps someone it gets ample space in the news for months together(Shahrukh Khan slapping a cop).

 Let them be, they are humans too, anger, intolerance, irritation strikes to them also like all commoners. Please I am not saying they can't be wrong but treat their wrong doings like common people's, and give it so much weightage that all news, channels and great thinkers just leave everything and get after their life.

For instance, today's I read Aamir's comment on Intolerance and how his wife reacted to it. And since morning all news channels are dedicated to prove him a traitor and responsible for bringing down our country's image. Someone commented that our soldiers guard the border and here Aamir talks of leaving the country because it's become intolerant. But I ask everyone to pls keep a hand on your heart if you feel safe in today's India. I myself feel scared with so much of murders, road rages, fights on streets, accidents, people loosing temper on small matters. I have a 18-year-old son, every day he goes to college I ask him to call up when he reaches. Why, because I fear for his safety. He travels by public transport because I don't allow him to drive because of the increasing road rage.
I frankly agree with Aamir we are not safe, yes soldiers are safeguarding us big time around borders but what about the internal safety. The politicians who are raising finger on him, can they vouch if they have even thought about improving safety and security to each citizen of India.
Just because these words came from Aamir it has become such a big issue, we as common people talk of intolerance everyday at home, work, roads and even in parties. why we call ourselves as democratic country when we don't have freedom of speech and if this is freedom of speech where you are scrutinized for every th

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