Be a responsible human being
|   May 15, 2017
Be a responsible human being

The other night, I called my brother at the usual time. I thought he was back from the office. But, he didn't pick up. I thought he got stuck in the traffic; he usually calls back once gets free, but, that night he did not, neither did he drop me a message. The sister's instinct said there is something wrong; he never forgets to call back. But instincts are not always reliable.

Next day, I thought I should try to call him again. Just when I took the mobile in my hand to dial him, the phone made a buzz with his name flashing on the screen. A sigh of relief and all my fears disappeared. I picked up and asked him if he was all right. Yes, he was but was sounding low, upset, worried. I insisted him to discuss his worries, to which he told me that, the day before he witnessed a man in his 30s crying of pain, he bumped into the truck and was bleeding copiously. The bystanders were mercilessly watching him suffer and were clicking his pictures. He was screaming for help in his broken voice. That happened when my brother was on his way to the office. He was trying to reach his office asap for the meeting. That's when he saw the victim of accident crying, begging for help. My brother like every other person standing there initially thought that somebody else would take him to the hospital, and started to move toward his destination. But, he couldn't get rid of the guilt of not helping the needy and took the first U-turn and came back to the poor chap's rescue. The guy was lucky he got help on time, but there are many cases where people were not lucky enough and have unfortunately succumbed to their injuries. We, humans, have become so insensitive, how could they see him racked with pain and instead of helping him they were amusingly capturing the moment in their mobile, how can we not feel a need to help a person in such a traumatised situation?

We always blame administration, police, political leaders, and why not they are the easy targets. And yes, they would never retaliate. But are we accountable for our act which doesn't have any legal implications, but is disturbing? Do we ever blame ourselves for the wrong that we do? Do we have any responsibility as a citizen, as a human? The fundamental duties are not just to make the constitution the lengthiest in the world. They are there to be observed by us. Had there been a provision to penalise the person for not helping the victim of any mishappening, every individual would have helped the poor fella.

Even the worst of me is not that bad,

Boy, I have in me some humanity left,

One day when I woke up and saw the mirror,

The brows looked wicked, like a monster,

The soul was numb; the motivation was confined,

It was just me, my and mine,

I opened the window to see the outer world,

Damn! That was a different earth,

Like me, others too were self-centered,

We were emotionless for the neighbour, the needy or the green Mother Earth,

We all are running in the rat race of success,

The spirit is high but the heart still depressed

There is no difference between me and a robot,

I am programmed too, but, without a chip and the socket,

The day starts with the preparation and ends with the fulfilled aspirations,

To make things run with the click of a button,

I have over exhausted my brain with ounces of burden,

I was on the road with my bike,

Heading to the office in a hurried ride,

Saw him screaming out of pain,

He ran into a truck due to low visibility and rain,

His head was bleeding; the ankle was broken too,

Man, I am late for the office, now what to do,

I had slowed down for a little while, but then a thought in my brain gave me a sparky sight,

It was my boss yelling at me, and I was listening to him avoiding to fight,

I accelerated, thought I would move on,

But he didn't stop to scream; it was on and on and on,

I took a U-Turn and went to the guy,

He was bleeding profusely, Man! He was about to die,

I took him to the hospital, filled the registration form,

Gave the treatment fees, the hospital was strict with its norms,

I took my bike and rushed to the office,

I knew I was late, but the heart was at peace,

Yes, we all have to reach somewhere, we all are getting late,

But God gives you chances to prove humanity exists and time never waits,

One act of kindness can change the world for good,

We all need a better place, less hostile and where for soul love is the only food.

Please, help others, your duties toward the world, toward mankind is valuable to let the people not lose faith in humanity, to alleviate the pain the sufferer is undergoing. Don't be apathetic to other's misery, try to put yourself in their shoe.

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