Mental Overhauling
|   Apr 12, 2017
Mental Overhauling

Technology has made our lives much easier, by just one click now you can video chat with your friend who lives oceans away, and that's a smallest of the wonders that we witness. But in pursuance of making things easier, we have over-exhausted one organ of our body and that is Brain.

With this fast paced life where we are running after fulfilling the targets, we are compromising our mental health, which eventually affects our overall health.

Stress impacts different age group differently. For young and healthy, the stress becomes acceptable without causing much health trouble. But among older or unhealthier people, it can cause some serious health issues and some psychological disorders. It impacts our mood, behaviour, health and relations, which in turn aggravates the condition.

Well, the good thing is, there is some technics present which makes your body more resilient to stress, by practising them frequently we could be able to withstand more stress than we ever imagined without any implications on our body.

1. Meditation and Yoga: Few minutes daily can ease anxiety, mental fatigue and improves concentration. It helps you to synchronise the body with the breath.Yoga is no more just for Yogis it has become a fad now. By doing this, it's not just your physical health that improves but also if you practice it daily you will see the visible change in your personality and not to forget the glowy skin that your husband would not miss noticing.

2.Workout: Daily half an hour workout doesn't just help you to get a toned body, but it helps you to get rid of mental ailments. Running, walking, burning the calories at the gym or be it tree climbing, anything physical which exhausts your body also helps in releasing Endorphin hormone which makes you feel exhilarated and happy.

3.Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises helps to keep your heart rate and blood pressure under control.You can do deep breathing anywhere, at any time, while sitting in your cubical at the office, on your way to home or during supervision of kids at the park.

4.Laughter therapy: Use of humour to improve health is a scientifically proven phenomenon. It reduces pain, decreases stress-related hormones and improves your immune system. Watch comedy videos to relax your brain. I love to watch Friends Bloopers; It's my favourite pastime.

5.Develop a hobby: Hobbies are not just about improving skills, but they are the great stress busters too. It helps in breaking the monotony and engages your mind in pleasurable activities.

6.Holidays: We count it an extravaganza, but going on a holiday is a stress buster, induces happiness, rejuvenates positivity.

By bringing the aforesaid habits in life we can remodel our brain with the changing ecosystem. It is really important to consider mental health as a vital sign of your overall wellness.

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