Sweet Sixteen years of togetherness.
|   Dec 07, 2016
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Sweet Sixteen years of togetherness.

WOW what a Surprise!! Sixteenth  Anniversary,Can't believe- 5844 days ,140,256 hours of togetherness.Moments of ecstasy sorrow,arguments,crazy fights and above all love ,trust,mutual understanding.We were destined to meet and enjoy the roller coaster ride of marriage together.Its time to raise a toast to the years we spent together,years which are like milestones of our journey,making our relationship like a magnet pulling each other and creating an inseparable bond of love.

In this journey we have maneuvered carefully to create a beautiful relationship .Many things we have learnt but here I have narrowed it down to Sixteen  tips which make this bond more stronger and  stronger with each year.-

1.Communication-This being the first essential base of any relationship,Talk Talk and just Talk......don't keep quiet.Open your heart and communicate with each other.Keeping quiet will create distances and make the situation more worse.

2.Listen- This art need to be learnt.....trust me when you listen carefully,you can understand the situation properly and you get ideas to solve the problem.Peaceful mind generates more power.

 3.Dump the past- Whenever any arguments are going on ,talk about the present situation,If you will go in the past-"Hey last time you did this ,you did that" which will make the situation more worse.So its always better to argue about the present scenario.

4.Apologize-Simple words of apology can create wonders,If one accepts the mistakes and apologize-it really creates a Magic and sincere Sorry can move mountains.

 5.Encourage each other- When one partner feels low and Depressed,words of Motivation can create miracles.No matter how tough is the situation,encouraging and motivating can really pave the path of success.

 6.Sense of humor-This can lighten the mood as well create moments more lighter and make the situation easy to solve.Crack jokes,let life be fun....a good sense of humor is a really must.

 7.Text Messages- Voila! texting your husband words of love,compassion or even planning a romantic date all alone...creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm.Generally    we send messages to our partners only when we have some household or family issues,but texting love messages will create an element of surprise.

 8.Giving space to each other- A very important tip for both partners- Both should  give enough freedom to each other Controlling each other on petty matters can create distances and spoil the relationship.Woman can plan a Ladies Day Out or man can go with his gang of boys.

 9.Never argue in front of kids- Whenever  a couple want to discuss any point or there is any argument,Both should be mature enough to discuss it in privacy rather then in front of kids.Heated arguments in front of kids can  create a havoc and mess up the situation.Children tend to follow their parents, so its better to keep them away from such situations.

 10.Don't play the blame game-This is honestly  a worse situation which can lead not only to heated arguments but also destroy the mental peace and calm environment of any family.Accepting a mistake or keeping patience if one partner is angry plays a pivotal role in managing a worse situation.

 11.Plan an Exercise Regimen Together-Yoga,Meditation,Gym,Cycling or just a walk ,if partners do together .It not only creates bonding but as well helps in keeping each other fit and fine.

 12.Confidence- Helping each other in building confidence and self esteem will boost the relationship and cordial relations are flourished.

 13.Cooking- "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" its very true I believe as well for woman also.When you know what he likes and cook for him with love and affection it matters a lot.On the other hand Once- a- while- husband-cooks who can cook a surprise dinner or lunch can also work wonders.

14.Never speak negative about each other- If any unresolved issues are there between you,give some time...TIME is the biggest healer.You may discuss the issue with any close friend or relative but NEVER ever say negative things about each other.This can become more like gossips for some people,ultimately loss will be for your family.So better try to resolve things between yourselves.

15.Travel-Take time off for few days in a year when you both can travel alone and enjoy your time together far away from the hustle bustle of city, no mobiles ,laptops no contacts.Digital detox is a must.

16.Trust- Last and the most important part of any relationship is trust which we need to build each day each year.This is the very base of any relationship to nurture it and for an eternal bonding.

    In the end i would like to say that i am not a relationship expert but this is my personal recipe of thriving-not just surviving-a long term committed relationship.

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