A complete family !! 
|   May 27, 2017
A complete family !! 

"You don't choose your family. They are god's gift to you as you are to them" .‌We have all been brought up with discipline instilled by our father and motivation given by our mother coupled with their unconditional love,care and support in every phase of life. The sacrifices they make just to ensure their kids are happy and secure is priceless.Marriage opens a new chapter in our life making way for a new family, new responsibilities ,new routine etc. All with the support and help from a wonderful companion, life becomes more merrier.

But, amidst all these, there is always a space reserved for extra special people who complete our family - grandparents, brothers, sisters. Wondering what's the 'extra' factor that makes them special?? 

From the bed-time interesting stories which include their childhood experiences, they shower us with unlimited pampering, love, care, and praises. Life is always 'grand' with our grandparents around.

Eating competitions and silly television remote fights, sharing toys, books, stupid jokes and even our room. Amidst this, we know there is always a person who protects and cares because they are possessive (they are never vocal about it nor do they admit it. Ha ha... ), Like a shadow is always behind you in every walk of life. He is a 'brother'.

Sharing clothes, to late night gossips, to shopping to stupid pillow fights. She supports you like a friend, guides you like a teacher and cares for you like a mother, shouldering your sorrows and difficulties, making way for happiness into your life. It's said she is your first best friend. She is a 'Sister'.

What would we be without them ?  Wouldn't we want our kids also enjoy the lovely bedtime stories they share? Or feel confident about always having someone to protect them? Or have a best friend to count on blindly ? 

With their presence, life is a celebration ,everyday truly becomes a wonderful learning experience and our family, always COMPLETE !!! 

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