Tiny Feet.....
|   Apr 08, 2016
Tiny Feet.....

So here is me. a doctor by profession and a mother to 4 month old baby boy. Everyone waits for those 9 months so that tiny little feet enter in their life and so did I.  Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride for some and a joy ride for others.

For me it was a pure joy ride - a time which I enjoyed a lot. I was fine until in my 7th month I had a sonography done and doctor told me I was had less amniotic fluid. My mother is a gynecologist so it was not very disturbing for me. I was kept on complete bed rest with regular checkups and my pregnancy was titled as 'High Risk Pregnancy' - a word no mother would want to hear. I was told that I had to undergo c-section and they would operate on me early so as to save my baby's life as the fluid inside was getting exhausted.

I was kept on injections and under doctors supervision from the 8th month of pregnancy. They planned to do the c section as soon as my 37th week finished. Everything was planned and I was pretty much relaxed. One fine day when I went for my regular sonography doctor told that the fluid is almost ended they can't wait and I had to be admitted that day itself.  My heart skipped a beat. Baby was in distress they told. I cried somewhere inside and wanted to rush to hospital just to make sure my baby is doing well. That whole night my husband and I were awake counting my baby's kicks n everytime he kicked I felt so relaxed.                                    

Next day early morning I had c section done n I gave birth to our bundle of joy my baby boy. I just heard him cry and cried too. But after a few seconds I heard doctors 'we have to take him to nicu as he's critical. He is unable to breathe'. Trust me those words echoed in my ear for a long time. I don't remember anything after that as I was in deep slumber. My baby was admitted in another hospital in nicu because of respiratory distress. As I myself is a doctor I kept calm and knew it's important. One day went they told I can meet him next day he will be discharged I waited again. 2 days passed by they said that I had to wait again for a day. I waited patiently. After 72 hrs it was unbearable for me to wait. I was a doctor but now a mother and  no mom can wait for such a long time just see her new born.  You spend the entire 9 months waiting to hold your baby in your arms. And here I was waiting for the past 3 days. I requested the owner of that hospital to discharge me and let me go to that hospital where my baby was admitted.  Only my mother's request they allowed me to do so. She is a senior gynecologist and she took my responsibility. She promised to give me all the needful injections and drips.  Finally my prayers paid off and time came for me to go and visit my little one. But I was unable to stand up by myself.  Somewhere in my heart I kept telling my self u have to do it for our baby.

Get up...

Get up...      

I don't know from where I gained strength and stood up. I went to my car in a wheelchair and I just wanted to go to see my baby.  Reaching my babies hospital, I directly went to the nicu.  Many babies were admitted there. Nurses  told me to guide me to my baby. I said for a mother THERE IS NO POINT OF SHOWING WHERE HER BABY IS - a mother can very well recognize her own blood.  And there was my little baby with all sort of instruments on him and all I could see from far was his little bundle.          

" TINY FEET" - I grabbed in my hands and cried my heart out. Just gazed.. and smiled.That's my baby, my world, my life.                                                                    

A mother goes through so much pain, when her baby is admitted in nicu. Only she knows...  

My salute to all those mothers and I wish no mother has to face this phase of seeing their baby in nicu.

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