When I had to breastfeed a baby who was not mine
|   Aug 03, 2017
When I had to breastfeed a baby who was not mine

We women , when take our first step towards motherhood, we always think about all the nine months of pregnancy and delivery pain . We never ever think about breastfeeding.It is assumed a very easy thing because it's a natural process . No guidance needed for it, it is assumed. But it is not. It has also a lot of pain that I came to know when I experienced it.

When my baby was delivered, I was lactating but my doctor advised me to start feeding after two days. I had high supply of milk and it was making my clothes wet but I could not feed my baby. Till that time my baby was fed cow milk with spoon. After two days , I started feeding her but she was not able to latch properly.

After some days of struggling and getting some relief from delivery pain, I thought life had started coming back on track. But I was wrong. There was something unexpected and dreadful was waiting for me.

After one month , suddenly my baby stopped breastfeeding. We tried a lot of things but she was not ready to latch. If ever she got it, she had a little milk like just a pinch of salt. And because of enough milk supply , my breasts started getting swollen and large lumps of milk started forming in it. One day later, milk stopped coming out from my nipples because of lumps. It made my condition worse. I had severe pain in my one breast and it became like a big balloon which is ready to explode.

My mom called so many aunties to try home remedies but nothing worked. We went to doctor and she advised us to try your best to feed the baby. Otherwise last option would be to cut your breast and get it operated to remove lumps. OMG!!! Surgery meant I would never be able to feed my baby after that. Tears started rolling down my cheeks because of two reasons. One because of fear of surgery just few days after CSection and second not able to breastfeed my baby. I loved to breastfeed my baby that I was doing for last one month.

We started all unique methods to breastfeed. One of my aunt brought her grandson of 6 months so that he would latch on my breast and suck all the milk. But he was not ready to latch on. She covered my face with a cloth so that he would not recognise me and would start sucking . But how a kid would not recognise his mother. He did not latch on it and again we were at same position. But I am grateful to that mother who sent his child to have some other mother's milk just to help me out. It's really a courageous thing for a mother.

I started praying to God! And finally my mom brought my daughter to me. She was crying for milk and I was suffering because of over supply of milk in my breasts. I prayed to god to help us. And whispered in my daughters ear to help me so that she could also get her mother's milk.

And finally she latched on it and had milk. Oh! What a relief it was for both of us. My breast pain subsided and milk lumps melted after some time. Who listened to me, my daughter or God , that I don't know. But that day, is the most remembered day for me.

Although, I had to suffer a lot that day, but breastfeeding my baby made me and my baby bond strong . After every session of it, her smile made my day.


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