Breathe pure & Live sure with Odonil!
|   Mar 29, 2016
Breathe pure & Live sure with Odonil!

“Wash your hands before eating.” I called out to my 5 year old as I offered her favourite finger food. But kids these days just do not listen and so I grabbed a hand sanitizer to make her hands germ-free before she put them in her mouth and fall sick. Thank god for this invention I thought. But hey, wait, mommies, you can make your children’s hands and body germ free thanks to these soaps and sanitizers but what about the air that they breathe indoors? Rising outdoor air pollution in metros is the new culprit of ever increasing respiratory diseases but how sure are you about air purity inside your homes? It dawned on me that apart from maintaining personal hygiene it is equally important to take notice of the purity of air that we breathe. Air-borne diseases and allergies are fallouts of the impurities present in air around us. Covering your nose and mouth with masks or kerchiefs gives partial protection and causes inconvenience. Fresh & pure air to breathe contently is the need of the hour.    

Did you know that children aged less than five years in developing countries are the most vulnerable population in terms of deaths attributable to indoor and outdoor pollution? Germs and dust mites sit on almost everything indoors and lack of air circulation allows these airborne pollutants to accumulate more than they would otherwise occur in nature. Hence, germ free air for your family to breathe is as important as germ free hands to feed, probably more.  

In my family, we are all victims of the seasonal flu and respiratory tract infections every year. As a mother of two, my heart aches to see my little ones cough or sneeze and often wonder how I can protect them from catching the virus. Any number of precautions that you take to protect your kids from infections, they fall short of doing the needful on account of germs present in air surrounding them especially in big cities like ours. After my baby fell sick last year, I hoped for making pure, fresh, germ free environment to shield my kiddos from further exposure to germs and pollutants. And thankfully my prayers were answered when I discovered the new Odonil 1 Touch Air Sanitizer.

Odonil 1 Touch Air Sanitizer fights germs in the air making it germ free and safe for you to breathe. At the touch of a button you are assured of safe, clean and pure surroundings for your loved ones. It’s a boon for mothers who wish to protect their kids from air borne diseases as there is nothing much you can do for protection from outside polluted air but inside your homes you have a solution. I would leave no stone unturned to give my kids a healthy and happy childhood to cherish when they grow up and if that means doing an extra bit for safeguarding the air in your homes, I would not hesitate to invest in an Air Sanitizer. Thank you Odonil for the answer to my concern! 

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