Too small to understand,really?
|   Feb 09, 2016
Too small to understand,really?

Me and my spouse were really happy to have someone new in our family and also determined to do each and every activity for our new baby by ourselves. As decided we were doing each and every activity for our baby by ourselves and to be honest the experience was really great. I remember we never treated our daughter as someone with zero understanding and she has always proved she got something with her responses. unfortunately I came across a few people (off-course from family) who upon our request to talk to her (talking to kids really helps in building a bond ) said "what is the use of talking to her. She's too small to understand". No they are not.

So here I am sharing my experience with to be or present parents.

Infants really understand your each and every word and touch and expressions. Consider them as normal persons who really care about you and trusts you blindly. Giving time to your kids and doing activities with them (or their activities when baby is too small) makes your bond stronger and way of communication easy. Talk to your baby. Talking with them helps in their speech development and they will soon be easy with mother tongue. Also they know you are there for them :) . Me and my spouse use to talk a lot with our baby girl and during her first birthday she was able to sing rhymes and demand which song she wants to listen. Please never compare between kids/babies. Everyone have their own speed and every child is unique. Nature walks also helps kids/babies to observe things. Read while going to bed. Also one can give them limited exposure to cultural things. limited for me is things for which you have logic and trust :). Read parents help books. its okay to take help of books or other person who understands you and can guide you further.Get some me time :) .this will help you to gather some positive thoughts. Also give some me time to kids/babies (just keep watch on babies from distance). Believe me they will surprise you. Restrict screen time. Give exposure to music. 


I am not saying everything is easy and their will be some ups and downs. But please don't let go that moment to start positive. No one is perfect but just look for any harsh expression from your side. Kids look at you for almost everything. We all as parents have to make sure we are growing ourselves and our kids into better humans :)  

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