He Should Talk & Not just Blabber
|   Apr 25, 2016
He Should Talk & Not just Blabber

Our child is bilingual as I belong to a Marathi family & my husband to Bihari Marwari family… our son is half Hindi half Marathi.

When my son, was about to start talking….. Suggestions started pouring in... From family & friends.

Oh, why don’t you talk to your son in MARATHI??? If you don’t he will never learn YOUR language. BEWARE … if you don’t do it now … You will lose your chance. Start talking to him in Marathi before its too late..... So on & so forth.

Every time such discussion occurred, I do have taken a pause, to give myself little time to think over the matter.

Every time I have came to conclusion that, what WE are doing is right.

We, me & my husband, have decided that we will talk to him in a single language in the beginning , to have one basic language well built. Later on when he will grow up & come to know that he can also learn another language, a language of his mother, we will teach him.

Wait... are you thinking that we will teach him, his father’s language first because of male dominant society & things.

Then let me clear it, it is US, Not Me & Him … So it’s our Family, Our Child... It’s all about US.

We didn’t wish to force our child in any way, to learn, 3 languages together, surprised how... Hindi is spoken in family; English in school, Marathi is MY native language...

Just imagine if we try to teach a 1 & half year old toddler 3 names for each thing around him … Apple in English , Seb in Hindi & Safarchand  In Marathi… in what world of confusion , we will be pushing him  , just to fulfil our wish & pride hidden behind it .. My Language, MY society and MY culture.

In doing so he will get confused, as what actually he is supposed speak. He will start speaking gibberish, a language unknown to world.

I have seen many toddlers, in my extended family, who are unable to talk properly, just because that they are made to learn many languages in beginning or just because that one language is spoken in family & another in neighborhood and yet another is taught in school.

It doesn’t matter to us, which language he learns first, what is most important is he should talk in sweet manner.

If he learns one language first & then a another language, its not the end of world. Don’t we learn a foreign language in schools or later. He will learn another language as time passes. This process should be more of fun to him, rather than a compulsion.

We want our child to talk & not just blabber.




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