My Little Teacher!
|   Mar 07, 2017
My Little Teacher!

I was very well aware that Mumbai is crushingly busy at ALL times,but still it took me quite a few years to getthat into my system. It’s like running an endless Marathon to accomplish one’s dreams and I was no exception to this, running relentlessly every morning from home to office and back, like a horse with blinders.

From last 8 months, that I am on my longest official break “the Maternity leave”, life seemed to have shown me a different side altogether. My fast forward life was now decelerated. Every single moment with my little boy felt so tranquil and rejuvenating.

Apart from the daily hustle bustle with an infant, on the whole life looked jubilant. Now that my sole focus was on my baby, every morning looked more beautiful, chirping of birds sounded more melodious, strolls became more refreshing and energizing. However, the most amusing transformation of all was, that now people in my society (where we have been living for last 5 years) started to notice me. Suddenly, all those expressionless faceless turned into smiling grins, all the gazes turned into warm friendly looks, all the coldness was replaced by friendly gestures, and these turns of events was just because of my little enchanter, who was always clinging in my arms and spreading his charm all around.

Whether it was the lift or the garden or on walks, everyone in my society had just one question to ask “Aap log yeha naye aaye hai kya ”...First time when I heard that I was taken aback, as it was a big question mark on my identity, I wondered “it’s been 5 years that I have been living here but these damn people have never ever noticed me? Was I so inconspicuous? It Seemed like a typical case of identity crisis.

Gradually, as time went by, I was able to unwind the mystery of my idea of so called “Identity crisis” and most surprisingly, it was my 8 months old baby who taught me this significant lesson of life.

I had heard it so often that smile is infectious but I everyday experienced it when every time I boarded the lift to go down for my usual morning and evening strolls with my little boy, he smilingly looked at each and every commuter straight into the eyes, turn by turn till the onlooker gave up and broke into a cheerful smile. Wowww…what a champion moment for my boy it was! Thereafter started the daily “hello-hi’s” with so many co-occupants of my society who failed to notice me before.

Progressively, I started to bond with young mommies whom we met every day in the park. My little son has already become my teacher, his innocence and affability has won me many well-wishers and friends which I failed to do in so many years.

Now that I look back, I realize over the years I had been mechanically running to be a part of the rat race little realizing the need to socialize with the individuals near me. How could I expect people to notice me when I myself was so ignorant of them?

I learned, that our Identity is nothing but our response to our surroundings.

Always remember “You get the best, when you give the best”

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