The Poopy affair-Its Normal
|   Feb 18, 2017
The Poopy affair-Its Normal

There is absolutely no doubt in saying that a new mother has a millions and zillions of questions and doubts about the wellbeing of her newborn, especially in the initial few months. We were no exceptions to this rule, when we bought our little munchkin home, we were nervous…literally very nervous as now it was we who would have to make sure that all’s Normal with our newly found love.

My hubby who is very cautious person in life was overtly watchful of our baby. On his 10th night, my hubby woke me up and said” Ssssshhhh”, look how’s he breathing… and me who is exactly his opposite said “so, what about his breath”? he continued “Twice he’s breathing fast and then suddenly very slow, Is all ok?? Unlike any other times, this time his words worried me as it was about our little prince. The very next day we were at doctor’s place, told him about last night, he laughed and said “Ab bacche ko saans bhi apke hisaab se leni padegi kya?? Though I was not amused at his mockery but what a great relieve it was that…Its Normal.

Likewise, whenever our little man sneezed, we loaded him with blankets thinking he’s got cold and this was not it, his hiccups scared us too, as we though that only adults had the right to do so…however I was relieved as my dear friend “Google” suggested me that…Its Normal.

Gradually as I was getting accustomed to the idea of Its Normal in infants, a new agenda engroped me and then began the glorified “Poopy affair”

I was at my in-laws place and now my baby was 3 months old, his poop time was a serious time  for us as we inspected the poop as though we had been assigned to write a thesis on it…after the study sometimes my MIL  would raise concerns over the texture and the frequency of the baby’s poop or most commonly, it was me who would critically inspect the color, texture and quantity of the poop and conclude that something is not normal as every time the poop looks just so different. This obsession had grown to such an extent that we planned to visit a pediatrician, the curious soul that I am, in frustration I bombarded the doctor with some really deep shit questions, Doctor “What exactly a perfect poop of a exclusively breastfed baby looks like, should it be yellow in color, green in color or brown or some other color on this earth??…”Should it be pasty seedy or runny in texture”?? and the worst question of all “how should it smell like”….??

The doctor seemed amused, he said “The baby is pooping, that itself is a sign that he is in pink of health and there is no criteria to judge a perfect poop” and eventually he laughed out loud probably recalling the range of options I threw at him to figure out a perfect poop …and finally he said…Its Normal.

As a new mother, I feel I get enriched every single day and now am in a better position to judge the wellbeing of our little munchkin, as per my erudition if a child is playful and is not crying incessantly, then it’s a sign that...Its Normal!

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