A mother in making!!!!.... My best birthday gift ever...
|   Aug 23, 2016
A mother in making!!!!.... My best birthday gift ever...

Being a mother is the most beautiful gift of god. A mother thinks twice before doing anything, once for herself and once for her kids. I used to be a carefree bee till I gave birth to a mother in me. Motherhood changed me. I have been transformed into a more responsible and thoughtful person. It has taught me to live selflessly.. I am proud of so many things in life but motherhood beats everything. 

We were not planning for kids so soon. Me and my husband mutually decided that we would extend our family only when we are completely ready for the responsibility.

This news came to us when we were least expecting it. It was my birthday next day followed by a long weekend, hence we were planning for a trip to some nearby hill station. Since childhood, I have always been super excited about my birthday celebration. I used to count days long before my birthday. In childhood my mother knew how much i loved my birthday and surprises. She used to buy a new dress every year for my birthday (she always succeeded to hide it from me somehow) just to surprise me and see that expression on my face. 

There were so many detective serials on air those days. I considered myself "Byomkesh Bakshi " and tried hundreds of times to find out what she has bought this year but failed, as a mother knows every bit of you , she managed to divert me enough to be away from the gift.

My husband had heard this several times and hence bought one present for me to surprise.

At midnight post the cake cutting, photo shoot started. After taking a lot of photos, we decided to retire for the day. Plan was to wake up early and leave for Manali as decided.

Usually , I need alarm to wake up early. That morning , I woke up at 4 due to stomach ache. I thought it must be due to some thing I ate a day before in office. And the nausea and discomfort due to stomach ache continued till 6 when my husband woke up by continuous noise. "Why didn't you wake me up early"- he said , with a pain relieving syrup in hand.

After taking the syrup, i laid by left side on the bed to get some relief. But, it only grew with every minute. Consulting Dr. was a better choice we decided.

I have always visited a temple on my birthday before doing anything. To the contrary, I didn't even take bath and just got ready in hassle. Doctors are sometimes geniuses. I wonder it even now that how the heck he guessed it. He asked my husband to get my pregnancy test done first. We were shocked as it was not even the last thought which could come to our mind at that point. 

Nevertheless, an UPT was done and it was Positive. 

We both freezed seeing the report. Though we were very happy but this news came as a surprise to us. We couldn't react any better. We decided to continue the pregnancy with joy.

Thus, We took an appointment to a gynae in the same hospital and started waiting for our turn. Forgot to mention , in between all this I had already vomited 5-6 times and was not in a state to stand even. On request, we were allowed to go before other patients. 

Doctor looked at us with a smile

Dr. - Yes, tell me whats the problem.

My Husband(Mr. Perfect aka MP) -  "Ma'am , she is my wife. She is having stomach ache and nausea since 4 o'clock in the morning and has vomited 7-8 times till now".

Dr. - Ok, go ahead.

MP - we visited a Dr. here and he asked us to get a pregnancy test done. It came positive. So, we are here.

Dr. - ohkk... So, Is it a good news or bad??

MP and I looked at each other and smiled.

MP - Though we were not planning to extend the family yet but it is indeed a good news.

Dr. - Good. See couple of things you need to know before moving ahead. 

Firstly, being pregnant isn't an illness as many would make you believe: do this, don't do that and blah blah. Don't listen to them. Do not panic. 

It is the most natural phenomenon. It is just like a life is getting implanted inside you. Vomiting is quite normal during pregnancy so do not worry. However this time it looks like you have eaten something that has adversely affected your body. 

Secondly, Yes, you need to take care of yourself more. Eat healthy, stay happy and don't stress yourself. Also , I would recommend an USG to see the baby's growth.

With these words , she prescribed few medicines for nausea and stomach ache as it was a case of pregnancy and food poisoning.  

We came back home with the news. my MIL and FIL were more than happy to know the good news. I rested whole day. I only ate khichdi that day.

This is how my birthday ended. I couldn't ask for a better surprise gift for my birthday. A painful yet most beautiful birthday. I would never forget that day wherein I didn't enjoy a bit, our trip got cancelled but we do not regret it. it's all worth it. Isn't it!!!!

We still remember and rejoice every single moment of that day.

By the way, medicines worked in few hours.Nausea continued for a couple of month but stomach ache was gone.

I was no longer the same person. Some thing was growing inside me. This feeling changed me. I started taking extra care of myself for the tiny one inside me.

Time flew like anything. She has turned 4 months old on 19th aug. And now, our life revolves around her. Whenver she is sleeping I find something missing and keep on gazing at her with love. This tiny being was inside me for 9+months. 

There is this quote I read somewhere : 

I was scared of cockroaches, Now , I am a mom and I can kill snakes.
Few things motherhood changed in me :
  1. I hated the burping sound, Now I am a mom and my baby's burping sound gives me immense satisfaction.
  2. I always needed continuous 6 hours of sleep in night to wake up fresh , now I am a mom and even 4 hrs sleep in whole day (that too in parts) seems sufficient and I feel more energised.
  3. I loved my mom, but now, I am a mom myself and respect for my mother has increased exponentially for me.
  4. I loved shopping for myself, but now I am a mom and every time I go for shopping I end up buying something for my daughter and forget about shopping for myself.
  5. I was least interested in reading books and various reading materials online, now,  I am a mom and I can do PhD in pregnancy and infants health related topics.
  6. I was shy of wearing even slightly deep neck tops, now, I am a mom and can feed my baby whenever and wherever she needs it.
  7. I was always updated with the latest movies and songs, now, I am a mom and all i can remember is the nursery rhymes (even those which I had never heard of in my childhood). 
  8. Who wants to talk about shit, but , after becoming a mom I wait for her soiled diaper as she gets relief from gas post this.
  9. I crave for spicy and oily food , but this silly , intelligent mom inside me keeps on reminding me its side effects on my kiddo.
  10. I had always lived in present and enjoyed my life with whatever i had. But, now,  I am a mom and I have already started planning and saving for my kiddo's future.

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