WRITING can be a Passion!!! Thanks to mycity4kids
|   Apr 11, 2017
WRITING can be a Passion!!! Thanks to mycity4kids

 Writing is my way of venting out my emotions when my heart is heavy with emotions, when there are feelings which I can say to no one than to blank page, when I really miss such a companion who can reciprocate my feeling , who can reflect my emotions, who can never forget my experiences, my joys & my sorrows. I have all my family members who loves & understands me but I still feel that I'm alone at times. Sometimes people misunderstand me. I miss those colg days when I had some good bunch of friends whom I used to share all my feelings.  Now, I have friends but life has scattered us to different destinations. They are there for me, but at different time zones, they are far, we can't have long talks

So here I have discovered a new pal who is available 24/7 round the clock & @ all the time zones. It pacifies me, a great vent out of my feelings. Now let me introduce you to this blank notepad, which is my new found friend & passion. I had so many dreams to fulfil but nothing has driven me to achieve it as much as loneliness  has, it has given wings to one of my writing dream, now I write blogs & spend long hours with it, not a bit bothered about time.  

‌It quietly listens to me with patience. I feel so light after expressing out myself to an immortal stuff. I talk to myself, I think a lot but I actually can not share a lot of things to anyone, as most of the time there is a threat or risk that people would misunderstand me.

‌Writing helps me in killing my loneliness & keeps me occupied when my mind wanders around. Its a written lullaby for me & has a very motherly effect at times.  My eyes close but my brain refuses to let it close because it just wants to go on & on. It has given me capacity to write pages & pages, & I don't want  to stop. It is so addictive that I want to continue writing in my sleeps also so that the process of flowing thoughts are not  abandoned by sleeping phenomenon.

‌Sometimes only paper will listen to you, & only pen can convey your feelings. At such moments there is no need of any mortal beings around. You can very well enjoy your company. 

‌ We look upon others like parasites to draw happiness. But, if we can master on how to draw happiness from within ourselves, we would be the happiest souls on earth..Just a thought which pricks me very often has motivated me write this for readers who can relate to it.

Thanks to mycity4kids.com as it has given us a platform to write.

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