Travelling with your baby
|   Feb 21, 2017
Travelling with your baby

Your baby 's pediatrician will advice you on the right time to travel long distances with your little one. I recently did travel out of the city for a ceremony with my 5 and half month old son and here are some important "baby stuff" you need to have with you before you embark on your journey:

Try and make a checklist of baby stuff you need to pack. You will always find that the baby stuff has far outnumbered your own personal stuff.

1.Warm clothes: we all know that when need to carry clothes, extra clothes, diaper, etc. for our baby. But it's also imperative to carry warm baby clothes for the trip. The weather to the place you are traveling to may be warm but warm clothes like a sweater/jacket, mittens, etc could be useful during the travel like in the airport or in the flight, etc.

2.Have a chat with your pediatrician on which emergency medicines you should be taking along in your trip. Your baby could suffer from indigestion or gastric troubles too just like you during the journey! A thermometer is a must.

3.Toys:yes, your baby would need his/her favourite toys even outside the house.

4.Incase of a hotel stay, it's better to carry a travel friendly compact steralisor for cleaning feeding bottles, baby crockery, etc.

5.If you would be sight seeing, it's easy to carry your baby around in a baby carrier. You can and your husband can take turns to share the responsibility so that the weight does not tire you in the journey. A stroller could be cumbersome at certain places.

6.Its better to carry your baby's towels, napkins, wet wipes etc rather than rely on hotel provisions.

7.Lastly, do not forget your handycam so as to not miss a single precious moment with your little one. After all you and your baby will cherish the moments spent together for time to come!

Came across the following video which can be useful incase if your baby is chocking. Not exactly  related to this topic, but useful inside & outside the house:

Thesets were out of my experience. I would like to know what you think and suggestions if any. Thank you for reading.  

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