Thailand as I see it!
|   Dec 10, 2016
Thailand as I see it!

I visited Thailand as a neighing sceptic this summer. It was after my husband clandestinely booked tickets for my birthday and surprised me a day before the flight. Like all Indians ever, my first instinct was to dismiss the trip – why would I want to spend time with my husband in a country that is known for its massages and different kinds of role play? I packed languidly and dragged myself to the airport.

After landing at the Phuket International Airport, it took me precisely two hours to unlearn my preconceived notions about the country. I immediately fell in love with its people, cuisine, temples and the hospitality. Although, it costed me a trip to desalinate myself from the image of the country, here are a few myths that ill help you shatter before you plan your trip!

Not a place for family vacation

Contrary to popular beliefs, Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to vacations with family. It is a healthy amalgamation of temples, pubs, zoos, and of course the sea. It’s not a piecemeal destination; it’s a cake for all!

People come to Bangkok for only “one” reason

There is no denial that sex tourism is highly prevalent in this region, however, the notion that sex is the only form of tourism is flawed. The Thai society is 100% inclusive, which comes as a shock for people visiting from countries especially like ours, where sexuality is taboo. One can in fact, learn tremendously from them – to begin with, respect for women.

Massage is another form of sexual pleasure

Thailand is one of the best places in the world to cure your ailments organically via body massages and massages are not a form of carnal pleasure. The highly professional masseuses vapourise ones stresses away by applying just the right kind of pressure at the much needed points.

Markets offer low quality products

Bangkok caters to all kinds of tourists: from street shopping to malls to fine jewellery shopping; it is a shoppers haven. Bangkok’s Gem Factory, which is the world’s largest jewellery store, is more a tourist zone than a shoppers paradise. The malls too offer a wide variety of branded products at rock bottom prices.

Not a place for vegetarians?

Hell no! What we find in Thailand is a healthy balance of non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisine. What one often forgets is that the country is a Buddhist majority nation, a religion that practices non-violence and some form of veganism as well. As a result one never has to scout for vegetarian ghass-poos it’s widely available and delectably delicious.

After returning home, I felt that I left a part of me behind in Thailand.So next time when the thought of going to Thailand with family comes to your mind don't hold back. Go see these myths get shattered right in front of you!

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