Does my Child have symptoms of Behavioural Disorders?
|   May 22, 2017
Does my Child have symptoms of Behavioural Disorders?

Raising children is difficult and raising a difficult one is tougher.Being able to tell whether your child is going through a stage, or if something is really wrong isn't that easy.

 A tantrum thrown doesn't mean that your child has a problem with authority and a preschooler showing interest only to mobile phones or TV remotes than individuals, donot definitely have Behavioral Disorders. When it comes to understanding children's behaviour experts suggest minimal indulgence to diagnosis.

First and most important Parenting tool is patience and have a cooperative attitude and calm temperament​.

​Very rightly said ,before yelling on children to behave, it's more important for parents to learn to behave. More often than not, a child's behavioral issues are a temporary phase of growing up.

Early symptoms that could lead behavioral disorder in adulthood.

1. Not at all making an eye contact to listen or repeat what is being said.

2. Not interested in mingling with people

3. Like to stare at a particular object like moving wheels, or an organized set of puzzles.

4. Sudden outburst .

These are just the signs for parents to get alert and involve themselves more into interaction with their little ones.Children always need their parents more than anything else.They are their first teachers to teach them even to express their emotions.

While handling these symptoms few pointers that would ensure such children to come out of their cocoon:

1. Talking to them in one language and keep doing that always for everything , even if they are not answering.

Idea is to divert their attention to you.

2.Take them to places where there are kids of their age-group and involve yourself as well to initiate conversations between them.

3.Sending them to Preschool and if possible to afterschool daycares with great hygiene and safety. This would give a difficult time to mothers in handling the refusals from their children to step out of their comfort of home and parents. However, this would also ensure children coming out of their anxiety and fear in meeting new people and explore the beautiful world around them.

There is a very thin line of difference between a child with Behavioural disorder and one with an introvert nature and great intelligence. The difference is sometimes very difficult even for an expert to determine among children of age group less than 5.

In spite of taking all the above precautions , if parents do find their children not being socially active, please don't delay and get them assessed by a child Psychologist and get them enrolled for supportive learning classes as suggested by Drs.

Please remember, the earlier the intervention is , the sooner they will come out of the symptoms.

Childhood days are the best days of our lives and all must spend them happily; and getting the right therapy done at a tender age would ensure that.

Good Luck and Happy Parenting!!

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