A father who loves his wife as much as his kids
|   Jun 22, 2017
A father who loves his wife as much as his kids

Every father loves his kids but if a father loves his wife much as his kids. The best gift from a father to his kids is his love to their mother. To my good luck , I came to meet a man in my life who is a very good husband as well as a good father .

My friend Aman who not only loves his wife but also respects her. There is a very thin line between love and respect and that change the Complete meaning. Aman Fulfilled all his duties being a husband and later on as a father. Taking full care of his wife in pregnancy , to take care of her nutrition was his primary duties. He would even check her vomit to know what food she could digest and what not to take care in future .this would feel a eww feeling for most of us.

After delivery of his second baby, he would do everything for the little one and the new mother. Waking up at nights , changing diapers, feeding bottle to little one were his tasks for the little one and for elder kid he would get her ready for school , pick up from school at time , guiding her about her homework on the way back from school. He never made his wife realiase that these are her duties or she should do it. He considers his wife's health at the priority .

Sometimes Aparna (Aman's wife) would ask him to help but he would always suggest her to rest so that she would be completely fine. All this he managed with his office work. The unusual thing is his time management , his unconditional love for his wife and kids.

Kids of such a amazing father who respects his wife would definitely be great human beings in their life. They would know how to respect women, to care for others when needed , to give unconditional love to your spouse. It is said that kids are parents reflection and if a father is such a good human being , his kids would definitely be.

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