#CSecOrNot when CSec was inevitable
|   May 21, 2017
#CSecOrNot when CSec was inevitable

I was pregnant with my second child and everything was going fine. I was on cloud nine. I have had a CSec in the past. Still, I believed that I could have a normal delivery. I believed so because my sister in law also had a cesarean surgery the first time, but the second time she had a normal delivery.

My doctor helped me for the same. He assured me to try his best so that i could have normal delivery. So he suggested me to follow healthy routine which could help me to have normal delivery whether it's in diet or doing yoga. All was going well. But, in 7 th month of my pregnancy I started feeling pain in my lower abdomen. Doctor prescribed me some medicines and bed rest. That pain continued till 8 th month and sometimes it was worse. In all that time, I was under constant medical supervision. Doctor advised me to have bed rest till 37 weeks to be completed.

Sometimes pain in lower abdomen is considered as symptom of normal and early delivery. But to my surprise, my 9 th month completed with that mild pain. But It did not get so severe to which I could name labor pain. When my doctor did 9th month scan , he advised that as baby's head was not engaged till then and they could not induce labor pain because of CSec delivery in the past. So we had to decide a date for CSec. As I was in pain for so long , so I got ready immediately for CSec.

It was true as I did not want CSec. But it was inevitable just like in my first delivery. I forgot all pain of CSec when nurse in the OT said to me " congrats! Krishna aaya hai" . That day was Janamasthami.

And I went home just after two days of CSec just like mothers go after normal delivery. So I would say that CSec is new normal for me.


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