Neeta! Winner in and of life #Momspiration
|   May 14, 2017
Neeta! Winner in and of life #Momspiration

I have read so many inspiring stories of mothers on mycity4kids. How mothers took stand for their kids. How they fight with life and how they fight with people to give a better life to their kids.These remind me story of one Of my acquaintance Neeta. She struggled throughout her life for her son. She was all alone once but she never gave up hope.

She had suffered a lot in her life but never got disheartened. Neeta lost her husband just after one and a half year of her marriage. Till that time she was a mother of two months old boy. Almost broken, she was not enough educated to stand on her feet and to take care of her little one.

As Neeta was very young so her parents decided to remarry her but Neeta's mother in law promised them that she would marry Neeta with her younger son. She did not even let Neeta go to her parents place. Time went on .And three years passed and Neeta was still living a widow's life at her in laws place. Her mother in law used to treat her very badly. She did not want Neeta to get married again.

In all that time, Neeta started thinking about her and her son's future. She wanted to give a better life to her son that might not happen after her remarriage. She took her strongest decision to live alone rather than waiting for marriage. She started studying and in few years she was post graduate with support of their parents. She got a government job as a teacher and started living alone with her son in a different house. Her mother in law tried to overpower her but Neeta was strong enough By then. She started taking her decisions herself. Neeta gave very good education to her son. She became a role model for her son. She fought her battle alone and stood by his son in all ups and downs.

Now a days Neeta is retired from her teacher job and his son has taken all responsibilities of her. He is appointed as head HR in a MNC. But Neeta's struggle has not come to an end. Now a days she is fighting with cancer.

For Neeta, life was never easy. But how she handled all situations, how she fought with her in laws for her rights. How she is bravely fighting with her cancer is commendable. Neeta's life was full of struggle but she fought with bravery and still fighting.

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