Preemie Diaries -Kangaroo Care for My Preemie Twins
|   May 01, 2017
Preemie Diaries -Kangaroo Care for My Preemie Twins

Our Twins entered the NICU with a bang, introducing us to a new planet with different sounds , activities and terminologies. The 29 weekers made sure that we learnt something  new every day. Twin no 1 and Twin no 2 were placed in two different incubators with a light hovering over them . The normal diapers would definitely not fit my 29 weekers. The normal diapers would be way too big for them . The NICU had some special microscopic diapers and Preemie cloths for the little ones...since the new born cloths would be more like blankets on them rather than cloths. I do not remember seeing anything as fragile and tiny .

We would visit the NICU 3 times a day to check on their progress. These visits were to continue for 2.5 months . Some days would be encouraging and some very disappointing was like being in a roller coaster. During these visits the nurses would encourage us to keep the twins upon us so as to get some skin to skin touch with the early borns. This was the most pleasant part of our visit since we could touch and feel the babies during the visiting hours. We would hold them for long out of love but the NICU nurses and doctors described this process as Kangaroo Care .

Kangaroo care is a method of holding a baby that involves skin-to-skin contact. The baby, with the microscopic Diaper  and a receiving blanket, is placed in an upright position against a parent's bare chest. This is  a great bonding time for the parents and the newborn. We enjoyed each and every second of the Kangaroo Care since that involved hugging and cuddling our little ones which is a rare privilege for the preemie parents. We had to be extremely careful while holding our twins since they would have multiple wires connecting them to the monitors hence reminding us that they are still not out of me that realization can be so heartbreaking .

My hubby has given the maximum  Kangaroo care to the twins. He would have both the tiny creations inside his t-shirt. Yes his shirt could hold the twins along with the wires...they were that small. He would do this on a regular basis. The process helped the twins bond with their dad and the brother. The sibling touch and the sound of the dad's heartbeat definitely acted as a catalyst in the growing process.

Kangaroo care comes with umpteen benefits few of them being:

  • Hear rate stabilizes
  • Improvement in breathing and oxygen saturation levels
  • Crying drops down which helps in energy conservation hence enabling weight gain and better sleep patterns
  • Regulates Body temperature
  • Has a positive impact on the preemies brain Development
  • Being a NICU parent I would advise all Preemie parents to indulge in Kangaroo Care as much as possible. Other than the medical benefits Kangaroo Care provides a feeling of calm and security in the midst of the storm to both the parents and the new borns. My Twins are a walking and talking example of the benefits of Kangaroo Care.


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