MY NICU TWINS-God's double blessing
|   Jul 22, 2016
MY NICU TWINS-God's double blessing

My Twins were in a hurry to meet the world . They decided to relocate 2.5 mnths prior to their scheduled arrival time . I understand they had space issues in their current location but still ...... 2.5 months is just too early . 

A night before their scheduled emergency arrivals we were educated on the never ending list of potential diseases they have 90% chances of contracting . Not a very pleasant conversation at all .

The entire night was spent tracking the heartbeat of twin no 2 who decided to play hide and seek with the heart beat tracking scanner . Knowing that twin no 2's life was in danger inability to track his heartbeat was helping none .

Next day dawned with a lot of anxiety , fear and excitement . Was not sure whether we were glad that we were going to meet and greet the little ones or were scared about the unknown that was coming with their uninvited early arrival

When I reached the operation table I felt as if some TV show was in progress with a very high TRP rating coz the room was filled with an army of doctors and nurses from the nicu watching the hurried arrival of the twins

The twins made their grand arrival just to be taken away to the NICU in 2 incubators. I did not even get a chance to look at the duo. It was like speeding in a car overtaking everybody just to be stuck at the red light.

The Neo Natal Intensive care unit now was the home of the cute twin babies for the next 2.5 months. Twin no 1 was nearly 2 pounds but Twin no 2 (who was playing hide and seek with the heart beat trackers couple of days back )weighed less than 1 KG . Yes they were really tiny. They were so tiny that my hubby could accommodate the twins inside his T Shirt at the same time.

2.5 months in the Nicu was no less than a Bollywood movie with ups and downs and emotions swelling every where .There was some Bollywood music going on in the background too(beeping of the monitor in the Nicu). The Nicu Nurses was simply amazing . They took care of the little ones day and night with a smile on their face all the time. Nicu Nurses were more like God in uniform giving constant assurance that they will be fine.

Trust me the nurses did not lie. My twin boys came out of the Nicu Hale and Hearty with god's blessings . Today they are 5. Their energy level is always at the peak . It is tough to believe at times that they are the same fragile tiny nicu babies . The time they were born we were not sure that we will see this day ever . Yes they are energetic ,curious ,active who keep us on our toes 24/7 and I am loving it to the core......:)

PS- A note to all the nicu moms. Today will definitely change. Your nicu babies will fight all the odds and come out victorious ready to take the world in their stride. Just Keep watching



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